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Best Wedding Planners in Indiranagar

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These vendors regularly records and maintain temperature readings of their team members. They will send temperature readings of all their team members to you, one day before the event.


All team members of these vendors use masks, gloves, sanitizers & PPE, as and when required while working and interacting with clients & other collaborators.


These vendors sanitize their working equipment and wedding items regularly, and also before use for every event.


The Aarogya Setu App has been setup on phones of every team member of these vendors.

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Wedding Planners in Indiranagar


The 'IT' capital of the country, without a question, is one of the most rapidly evolving cities. The people of Indiranagar are great contributors to the country. However, this contribution has left them with no time to catch up to their personal l...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Planners on ShaadiSaga

Charmaine Yourey2 years, 7 months, 1 week, 5 days, 10 hours, and 58 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Weddings by Kirti

Other than the decision to marry my now husband, getting you to plan the wedding for us was probably the best decision of my life. My wedding was PERFECT just because of you, way beyond what we had hoped for when we started out. It was the most beautiful day not just for me and my husband but for all our guests too, even after all the hiccups. Everything was perfectly planned and I was ready for this dreamy wedding, out in a beautiful lawn with the stars shinning above. But then the night before the wedding rain played spoilsport, relentlessly pouring down for hours. It broke my heart, for my venue was outdoors. A few hours later a slightly dejected me was about to walk into a make-shift indoor venue. But there was nothing make shift about it. A holy ceremony in a delicately decorated church and a reception venue I just can’t describe in words. The flowers and the decor were simply mind-blowing. The backdrop, the table centerpieces, and ohhh the little intricate detailing... Everywhere I turned I had these little lights twinkling that I didn’t miss the stars. I was amazed at how one person can do so much, so differently, with just a few hours to figure things out. All along I have been looking for ONE word to describe you. Phenomenal, ingenious, unique, artistic, steadfast, diligent, resourceful, creative, clever, efficient, professional... That’s all you. And probably few others too. It took a while and then it hit me... Versatile is the word. You are so VERSATILE. When faced with an unforeseen challenge, no matter how big, you seem to have the perfect solution right out of your magic box. I was blessed to have you as my wedding planner. You're all I need for every other wedding in the family-and-friend circle. Good luck to you. Keep Rocking!

...See More

Akankchha3 years, 10 months, 6 days, 2 hours, and 58 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Weddings by Kirti

Kirti, you stopped at nothing to make sure Kunal and I had the most incredible day of our lives! Nothing I can say could translate the gratitude we have for you, your team, your execution, and delivery from the months leading up to my weddings days.5 stars isn't a limit that could capture all you have done, but for those that know me best (and you too perhaps after this journey), know that when I say you are the best wedding coordinator we two could have ever asked for, I mean it without doubt. Your talent far exceeds anything I know. You efforts were much appreciated by guests and family. To end this note, thank you for making me live my dreams, every moment of those 2 days have permanent place in my mind and heart. If asked i would like no change in my entire journey with you of 6 months. Good luck for future endeavours.

...See More

Anand4 years, 10 months, 2 weeks, 15 hours, and 19 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Weddings by Kirti

Kirti is one of most talented, genuine and honest wedding planners of bengaluru city. In last one month, i have had the privilege of working with her on 2 weddings. Her decor of the Wedding in Leela palace was just fabulous. She is very easy to work with and very supportive. I have worked with her in budget weddings as well. She does her best for her client no matter what and her intention is to make sure that clients are super happy. Last week itself, her wedding decor for Shruthi's wedding was so awesome that not only did every one love it, but so many guest and relatives also came and personally complimented and thanked her for her brilliant work. I normally dont see such levels of gratitude in weddings. So I know for a fact that she is doing something different from the rest and i am sure in a different way. Talk to her once and you will understand why you want her to plan your wedding.

...See More

Sagar4 years, 10 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 6 hours, and 20 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Weddings by Kirti

Kirti is very professional when it comes to her work and has very good taste. We had few meetings before the wedding to plan the decorations and she came to the meetings well prepared with lots of ideas. And she executed those ideas to perfection. I am happy and satisfied with her work.

...See More

Latest Wedding Planning Ideas

Hire Best Wedding Planners in [email protected]

Wedding Planning is responsible for making or breaking your wedding ceremony. Every ritual in the ceremony must be planned properly for the proper execution of these rituals on the wedding day.

The proper wedding planning that we are talking about can only be done if you hire the right wedding planner, a wrong one can end up making your wedding look like a mess. ShaadiSaga understands your inability to offer enough time to your wedding planning and wouldn't let this come between you and the wedding that you always dreamt of.

Here is a list of the best wedding planners in Indiranagar along with all relevant details and reviews for you to choose from.

Types of Wedding Planning

The demand in the wedding planning industry is diverse. Different people need different extend of wedding assistance. Considering these different types of wedding assistance demanded by different people. The top wedding planners in Indiranagar have categorized wedding planning into three categories, namely - Full wedding planning, partial wedding planning, and consultants.

How to Hire the Best Wedding Planner in Indiranagar?

What to remember while hiring a Wedding Planner?

When you go out to look for the creator of your dream wedding, certain points are to be always kept in mind. Make a note of these points!

What to discuss with your Wedding Planner?

Once you have decided who do you choose to be the artist of your wedding, the next step is to discuss ‘the important’ with your wedding planner.

Following are the things that you must discuss with your wedding planner, always.

Why hire a Wedding Planner via ShaadiSaga?

ShaadiSaga has been serving people for years now. In recent years, it has become the youth’s favorite. Wedding planners at ShaadiSaga offer you a perfect blend of traditions and modern-day amenities.

At ShaadiSaga, we dedicated a team of experts who go through the profile of each wedding planner, examine their claims, and check their credibility from the people who have availed their service in the past. These experts then publish the top wedding planners in Indiranagar along with all their records and reviews on the website for the users to choose from.

We make ShaadiSaga, more user-friendly by assigning a special wedding manager to find the best wedding planner in Indiranagar according to your needs at the best possible price.

How does ShaadiSaga helps in hiring?

We at ShaadiSaga are constantly looking for more & more options for wedding planners for you. After finding the ones from every nook and corner of the city, we sort them out and choose the best ones for you by analyzing their services, experience and going through their reviews, After rigorous testing, we prepare a list of best wedding planners in Indiranagar and share the services that they offer, their experience and the reviews about them on our website.

Users are welcome to choose the best one for themselves as per their needs and budget. In addition to this, ShaadiSaga also assigns a wedding manager to all its users, who help these users to find the best wedding planner for them at the lowest prices possible.

Mistakes to avoid while hiring a Wedding Planner

More often than not, people owing to their lack of experience end up making the following mistakes while hiring a wedding planner. Make a note of these mistakes and avoid making them while hiring a wedding planner yourself.

How does this work?

ShaadiSaga serves as a platform to make wedding planners meet their potential clients. After being reached by the wedding planners throughout the city. Our group of researchers analyzes their services, experience & reviews.

After this, we list out the top wedding planners in Indiranagar for you to choose the ones for you among them. We also list out all relevant details of along with these wedding planners.

Users can browse through these wedding planners and get in touch with them or directly ask for their quotation on the website.

Wedding Planners in Indiranagar Prices

Wedding Planning is a vast industry with no fixed prices. Wedding planners are available in almost all budgets on the ShaadiSaga website. The experienced ones in the industry might charge you more than what a newbie in the industry will charge you.

The experienced wedding planners will be the ones offering better services. The new ones, however, might be full of new creative ideas for your wedding. The price involved in hiring a wedding planner also depends on the type of wedding planning service that you are planning to opt for.

Full wedding planning service will cost you more than what a partial wedding planning service will cost you.

Other Services by ShaadiSaga in Indiranagar

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring Wedding Planners in Indiranagar

Q - How does ShaadiSaga help me book the Best Wedding Planners in Indiranagar?

ShaadiSaga carefully analyses wedding planners throughout the city. The list of best wedding planners in Indiranagar and published on the website based on their services, experience and reviews. Users are welcome to choose the most suitable one in accordance with their needs and budget.

Q - How do I choose a Wedding Planner in Indiranagar?

Different wedding planners are best at fulfilling different wedding planning needs. You must always consider your needs and budget while choosing a wedding planner.

Q - How much does a Wedding Planner cost in Indiranagar?

Wedding Planners in Indiranagar like anywhere else in the world have no fixed price. The price that you need to pay for your wedding planner depends on their experience and the type of wedding planning needed. Wedding planners in almost all budget are available on the ShaadiSaga website.

Q - What should I discuss with the Wedding Planner before booking?

There are several things that you must discuss with your wedding planner. The most important ones, however, are your needs and your budget.

Q - What should a wedding planning package in Indiranagar include?

Different wedding planning packages in Indiranagar include different services. You must go through the package very carefully & select the one that is the Best for you according to your needs.