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Your Bar Services Expert will reach out to you soonTo discuss your requirements in details

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Mumbaikars may have the busiest schedules out of all but this hasn’t stopped them from going grand on celebrations especially weddings. Being true to our promise of taking care of all your wedding planning needs, ShaadiSaga has extended its wedding planning assistance service by including Bar Services for Wedding in Mumbai. The services are exclusively crafted by the ShaadiSaga experts.

The experts, after very careful research, have created the best bar services for you based on the type of service you desire. We have listed down the best wedding bar service for weddings in Mumbai for you to choose the most suitable package for yourself. Get Quotation on the website to get in touch with an expert who will guide you in selecting your bar service package as per your needs and budget. Have your guest talking about your wedding for a very long time.

Request for a customised package & relax!

Complete Bar Decor setup as per your wedding theme

Get a customised decor for your bar setup matching your cocktail party or wedding theme

Professional Bartenders

Experienced bartenders who’re perfect for your party - right from their outfit to the flair they bring to the table - best suited for your occasion

Most Premium drinks of your choice

Depending on your preferences & size of guest list, choose your drinks with assistance from our bar experts

Custom Menu & Personalised Cocktails

Amaze your guests by perfectly designed menu & personalised cocktail names based on the bride & groom’s unique story

Average Cost of Bar Services in Mumbai

We aim at providing maximum customer satisfaction in whatever we do. Keeping this in mind, we have created different packages in almost all budgets. On top of that, we also offer an option to customise your package as per your needs and budget.

The packages start at ₹ 1,00,000 for 100-150 guests.

The ShaadiSaga Bar Service packages include everything that you desire. Alcohol of all kinds like vodka, whiskey, gin, rum and beer. The alcohol included in our packages is of all premium brands. Other than providing you drinks of supreme quality, we offer a number of services like bar decoration & set up as per your theme, bartenders, personal bar expert for designing menu, drink names & assistance in acquiring license are included in the package. Please note that you 18% extra taxes will be applied to the price of the package that you opt for.

Types of Bar Services For Wedding We Offer in Mumbai

ShaadiSaga offers several services in its bar services package, go through them below and you will know where to hire bar services for wedding in Mumbai.

Unique Bar Decor for Every Wedding

Our creatives put their expert mind to work to create a unique bar decor for every wedding. The decor is usually based on a theme that you choose. Of course, we can suggest some to you. Be it Bollywood, quirky & desi, Carribean cruise, or vintage, our experts have something special for you.

Professional Bartending

Our Bartenders owing to their professional experience in bartending make sure that your guest feels welcomed when they arrive. The guests are served with the drink of their choice without any delay. Our cheerful bartenders will add to the happy vibes of the party.

Alcohol of Premium Brands

We believe to serve our customers with the best quality drinks. We do so by including alcohol from only reputed brands in our package. However, we make sure that our packages are not too hard on your pocket and have prepared packages in almost all budgets.

Personal Bar Experts

A bit of expert advice in selecting your drinks is important to not only make sure that your celebration turns out to be the most happening one amongst all, personal bar experts also ensure that your guest does not end up mixing two wrong alcoholic drinks. That’s not all, our personal bar experts also help you to design your menu, give some quirky names to the drinks and acquire a license.

Couples just love the package!

Aprajita Mehta

Took package for 200 guests

“Oh cocktail became so much fun once we were sure dat there’s nothing to take care...alcohol, serving guests..and even while planning for the party, decoration, how much to buy, how to get the license n all was smooth. The best part was that whole menu was filled with various drinking stories of my friends and colleagues..everyone just loved it!”

Sigra Sharma

Took package for 150 guests

“Really great package. Can’t imagine this kind of service in this much price. They make it so much personal with helping in deciding the number of bottles needed, bar setup and menu as well. Highly recommended for every wedding I must say”

Frequently Asked Questions about Bar Services for Wedding in Mumbai

Q - How much alcohol will I need for my event?

The amount of alcohol that you need for your event depends on the scale of your event and the number of guests that you are expecting. For 100-150 guests usually, the required amount of alcohol is a case each of vodka, gin & rum and two cases of whiskey. You must know that a case includes 12 bottles. The ShaadiSaga expert will help you decide the amount as per your requirements.

Q - How many bartenders will I need/get for my event?

Our bartenders are professionals in the field and know how to serve the guest efficiently. A bartender will be provided per 40 guests for cocktails to be served quickly to the guests & they receive a warm welcome.

Q - Who will provide the alcohol?

When your book bar services via ShaadiSaga, an expert will guide you in deciding the quantity of alcohol after which we will help you to get alcohol from our partner store from all over Mumbai.

Q - Who is responsible for making sure that the guests do not have too much to drink?

Our bartenders are trained and aware about alcohol quite well. The host is responsible for the actions of all the guests. However, we reserve the right to refuse to offer more alcohol to any of your guests who have had too much alcohol according to us.

Q - Who will procure the alcohol license for the event?

While you yourself need to complete all the formalities to procure an alcohol licence, our bar service experts will guide you on every step of it. You don’t need to worry too much, the process is usually smooth.

Q - Can I only have bartenders and not buy the alcohol in the package?

No, we are sorry. At this moment, we are offering only complete packages which include - alcohol, bar decor setup, bartenders, menu, etc. We have curated the best services for you at the lowest prices.

Q - How much is the average cost of bar services in Mumbai?

The cost incurred in bar services for wedding in Mumbai depends on the kind of alcohol that you want to include in your package and the number of guests that you are expecting. For a gathering of 100-150 people, the packages start from Rs. 1,00,000/-. The package includes alcohol, bar ambience, expert advice and professional bartenders.

Q - What is included in the bar services package?

The ShaadiSaga Bar Service package includes alcohol of all kinds like vodka, whiskey, rum, gin etc. all mixers, garnishes, standard bar tools, drinkware, bar ambience as per your theme, personal bar expert for designing menu, drink names & assistance in acquiring license.


Bar service and alco-bev mentioned on the page is provided by licensed vendors, it will not be procured or delivered by ShaadiSaga.

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