Why ShaadiSaga?

Brain-child of two IIT Delhi Graduates, Himanshu Kapsime & Manish Garg – ShaadiSaga is on a spree to make wedding planning in India exciting and hassle-free. With a millennial army of wedding fanatics, ShaadiSaga aims to aid wedding blues of every new-age couple across the country.

We’re a driven team of wedding enthusiasts working to build a new way of wedding planning through delightful products and amazing customer service.

We’ve always aimed to do things a little differently at ShaadiSaga. Since the early days, we’ve had a focus on building one of the most unique and fulfilling workplaces by rethinking a lot of traditional practices.

A commitment to supporting our team and our customers has helped ShaadiSaga grow from humble beginnings to now serving more than 10,000 couples every month & sustaining an ecosystem of over 20,000 wedding vendors. Our passion for making meaningful connections flows through everything we do.

We care about building a quality product, trusted relationships with our customers, and a sense of community that connects our customers and team with one another.

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We believe in...

Freedom & Responsibility

We aim to inspire people more than manage them. We give our teams lots of freedom, power, information & support their decisions, trusting them to do what they think is in the best interest of ShaadiSaga. This develops a sense of self-discipline & responsibility which drives us to do amazing work benefiting the company & our customers.

Seeking Excellence

We do not seek to preserve our values & culture — we seek to improve them. Each individual joining us helps shape & evolve the culture further by finding new & innovative ways of accomplishing more together. We feel a real difference every few months in how much more effectively we’re working than in the past.

Customer Obsession

We always start with the customer and work backwards to develop our products and services. We obsess over our customers & work vigorously to earn and keep their trust in us high. We chase relentlessly high standards of customer experience, driving our teams to deliver high quality products, services, and processes.

The Power of Data

In God we trust, in Data we believe. We believe data is a critical part of how businesses should make decisions. All information, good and bad, important and not so important is shared and made available to everyone. Everyone has a holistic view of the data they need and there is transparency and collaboration at all levels.

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