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Wedding photography is an entire field, which focuses on capturing all the different facets of your wedding. A wedding is the most important day of your life and you want to capture every beautiful moment for eternity. Times have changed and so are the ways memories were captured. Till a few years ago, wedding photography simply meant picture portraits of all the guests at the wedding posing with the bride and groom. Booking a photographer for the wedding no longer means going to your neighbourhood photographer and booking him for your event. We provide you with a comprehensive listing of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai from which you can take your pick and preserve your extraordinary moments forever. There are many different types of wedding photography and you should select a photographer who is proficient in all these fields.

  • Some of the different services that wedding photographers in Mumbai offer are:

  • Candid Photography

    This has lately become a very popular field in the arena of event photography. Capturing the guests and the bride and groom naturally and unguarded without their knowledge is an art. A skilled photographer is someone who can make you look good even when you aren’t posing for a picture. Candid photography aims to capture your emotions in a picture, such as moments of happiness, sadness, anxiety, cheer, etc., and thus is more expensive.

  • Traditional Photography

    Traditional photography is the age-old concept of wedding photography, where people pose for every picture. There is not much art or creativity required in this type of photography since all you need to do is capture people as they pose formally for pictures.

  • Cinematic Videography

    Cinematic videography is related to candid photography in that it aims to capture people naturally. It aims to weave a story around the wedding and not just capture every moment of your wedding without thought. This film may be a mixture of short clips, images, music and some speech. Shooting this kind of video requires a certain art and creativity to bring out the emotions of the people featured in the video. The photographer would also need specialised equipment like drones, hi-tech cameras etc. For this reason, cinematic videography is more expensive than traditional videography.

  • Traditional Videography

    This is the regular wedding videography where a person holding the video camera will follow you around simply recording what you do. This kind of videography is very bland with not much creative flavour and style. Also, a lot of equipment is not required in this videography and this the service is not very expensive.

  • Pre-wedding Photoshoot

    Pre-wedding photo shoots are the current rage, and every couple about to get married likes to get these done to preserve memories of their new-found love. After all, you get married only once. Pre-wedding shoots are generally done at an outdoor location and are also known as engagement shoots and are done 2 to 4 months before the wedding. It involves making the couples ‘pose’ for candid shots. These kinds of shoots require an immensely talented photographer who can bring out the emotion of love through the pictures.

  • Black and White Wedding Photography

    This genre of wedding photography is gradually becoming quite popular since it focuses on the subject on the picture and at times bring out the emotions better. Black and white photos leave a greater impact and add a certain charm and elegance to wedding pictures; they have a timeless appeal.

  • Drone Wedding Photography

    This is a relatively recent addition to the field of wedding photography and can add a spectacular look to your wedding pictures. They can capture the wedding location with the décor, in its totality. They will capture your wedding pictures from an aerial point of view and these will truly stand out. Drones can be used to capture the most important moments of the day and are also great for group pictures. Drone photography can be expensive since drones are delicate machines.

  • Vintage Wedding Photography

    Vintage wedding photography gives a timeless feel to your wedding pictures. This is a very unique style of photography and the pictures have a certain sophistication about them. One sees a prevalence of pastel colours in vintage wedding photo shoots, which brings forth tenderness and refinement in the pictures. Of course, this means that your attire and décor should also be vintage-themed. Photographers use colour distortion filters to turn wedding pictures into wonderful work of art, for this kind of photography.

  • Artistic Wedding Photography

    Artistic wedding photography involves using creative framing, lighting, composition and other techniques. Artistic photography is like weaving a remarkable story. The photographer needs to be alert enough to capture the moments where they can use such techniques.

How To Hire the Best Wedding Photographer and Videographer in Mumbai?

Choosing the right wedding photographer is as essential as other aspects of your wedding functions, such as clothes, food, venue, etc. A wedding photographer is definitely an important part of your event. Even if your makeup artist messes up, the wedding photographer can still make you look amazing in all your pictures, which are going to be captured for posterity. Hence, it is not a decision you can make lightly. Here are some of the things you must discuss with the wedding photographers you have shortlisted, before making your final decision.

  • Things to keep in mind while looking for a wedding photographer in Mumbai

    • Before you start looking for a wedding photographer, try and make a list of your requirements. What kind of pictures are you looking for? What is your budget?

    • Read a bit on the different types of photography that professional wedding photographers do and what kind of style you would like- Traditional, candid, black and white, pre-wedding shoot or a mix of them.

    • Book your wedding photographer as soon as possible; it should one of the first things you do after your wedding date has been fixed because wedding photographers are in high demand during peak wedding season and get booked very quickly.

    • Shortlist 2-3 wedding photographers and ask for quotes from all of them before making your final choice.

    • When you search online, you will find that ShaadiSaga is the most reliable website for finding the best wedding photographer in Mumbai. You can check the reviews and work of each of the photographer we have listed before making your final decision.

  • Things you should discuss with your prospective wedding photographer

    • Make a list of all the things you would like to discuss with the wedding photographer. It may seem like a silly question, but is quite relevant. The better prepared you are, the quicker you will be able to take a decision.

    • Make yourself familiar with the photographer’s style by going through his work on Shaadisaga store and let him know what exactly you are looking for in the video coverage as well as the stills.

    • Ask him about his experience and also for samples of his work.

    • Let him know of the functions you would like him to cover such as mehendi, haldi, sangeet, wedding, reception etc., and what you are expecting from the coverage of each event. You will also need to tell him what kind of coverage you would like for each event such as still photography, videography or both.

    • Also, you would need to make him aware of what is happening at each event, such as performances, so that he knows exactly what to cover.

    • Inform him of the date, time and venue of all the events.

    • Ask the wedding photography in Mumbai charges beforehand. Let him know of your budget and your expectations.

    • Discuss the taxes, advance payment, deliverables and other such aspects. You should also ask him about the number of people in his team, who will be accompanying him for all the events.

    • Ask him about the date of delivery as well, and when should you expect the albums, etc. after the events are over.

    • Ask for ideas for your pre-wedding shoot, if you are interested in having one. Also, discuss candid photography beforehand.

    • The wedding photographer should also be made aware of close family and friends so that he knows which people to focus on more.

  • Get the best wedding photographers Mumbai only at

    • has a comprehensive list of photographers in Mumbai who specialise in various areas of wedding photography services, such as candid photography, pre-wedding photo shoots, traditional photography and videography, etc.

    • Generally photographers upload all their latest work on their ShaadiSaga profile, which give customers a clear idea about the style and quality of work of the photographer. Same goes with reviews as well. Check our listing of top wedding photographers in mumbai with price and reviews.

    • All the photographers listed on our website are amazingly skilled at what they do, and their work speaks for itself. We also have Maharashtrian wedding photographers in Mumbai.

    • We have top wedding photographers in Mumbai with price and reviews to suit all types of budgets and requirements. All the photographers have been verified with strict background checks to ensure they provide only quality work to our clients.

    • When you contact vendors through ShaadISaga, you get a speedy response in 24 hours. We assign a relationship manager to each customer who guides about how to hire and whom to hire.

  • How can Shaadisaga help to hire a wedding photographer in mumbai for your special day? makes it super easy and convenient for you to shortlist and book wedding photographers from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is browse the Shaadisaga website and mention the city where your functions will be held. You need to answer some few simple questions, such as the number of functions, number of days you require the photographer for, the kind of photography you will require, your budget etc. Shaadisaga lists the best wedding photographers in Mumbai along with their ratings and reviews, and you can get in touch with them at your own convenience. You will never regret trusting us for hiring a wedding photographer. With ShaadiSaga, there is no need to ask for recommendations from friends and family. Firstly, you will get very limited options/choices when you ask them. Secondly, it's quite possible that your budget and your friend's budget would be different and hence the photographer that your friend hired might not fit in your budget. That’s why it is always better to come on ShaadiSaga where you get lot of wedding photographers with a detailed portfolio of the vendors and that too in your budget.

  • Mistakes you must avoid while hiring a wedding photographer in Mumbai

    • Don’t hire friends or relatives just because you are too embarrassed to refuse. They may be amateurs without enough experience and you don’t want to regret later.

    • Don’t delay hiring a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers are in great demand, especially during peak wedding season and get booked very early, as much as 12 months in advance.

    • Don’t interfere with the photographer’s work. Well-meaning guests and relatives often start advising the photographer on how to do his work. He is a professional and is highly experienced in this niche, so it is best not to distract him and leave his work to him.

    • Always hire someone who has great reviews. At ShaadiSaga, we list only capable professionals. Don’t forget to check top wedding photographers in Mumbai with price and reviews on our site.

    • Don’t be too rigid about the budget. Wedding photography is expensive, and it is an art and sometimes good art comes attached with a high price tag.

    • Don’t be too casual about a formal contract and expected date of deliverables. Make sure everything is noted down and the photographer understands your expectations. Make sure that the photographer sticks to his date of delivery.

  • Wedding Photography in mumbai Prices- How much will it cost you?

    Wedding photography is not cheap and how much it will cost you will depend on the number of functions you need to be covered and the kind of coverage you require, such as still photography, videography, drone photography etc. There is no limit to what the prices can go up to because as mentioned before, it really depends on your requirements. The starting range of wedding photographer in Mumbai for 2 day function is generally 1 lakh and it goes up to 10-15 lakhs. A typical wedding photography package will come with a blend of candid and traditional photography and videography. It should cover the wedding eve for the bride and the reception for the groom, and of course the wedding function. Any other inclusions would depend on the customer and the price of the best and budget photography package varies accordingly. You can browse the various photography packages and different photographers listed on including Maharashtrian wedding photographers in Mumbai. Here you are sure to find something that suits your budget. We will help you crack a good deal and get the best photographer for your big day. ShaadiSaga’s Relationship Manager will help you in finalising your photography requirement and accordingly suggest the best photographers in your budget.

  • what other wedding services in mumbai are provided by Shaadisaga?

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    • Wedding decorators in Mumbai:Find the best wedding decorators in Mumbai listed on our website, to suit different budgets and requirements.

    • Wedding invitations in Mumbai:A wedding invitation is no longer a simple card with a box of mithai. Customise your wedding invitation with the help of the wedding invite designers listed on

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    • Wedding planners in Mumbai:Coordinating everything for a wedding can be a tough job and may leave you with no time for yourself and to concentrate on other things. Hire a wedding planner from our extensive list and enjoy your functions without any stress.

    • Bridal Make-up Artists in Mumbai:An extremely important aspect of any wedding, you will find a number of make-up artists listed on the ShaadiSaga website. Have everyone raving over your perfect looks with our makeup experts.

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Frequently asked Question about wedding photographer in mumbai

  • Q

    How can I get a discount on wedding photography packages in Mumbai through

    • ShaadiSaga has a large number of expert wedding photographers listed on their website with their rates etc., to suit all budgets. You can take the help of the ShaadiSaga expert to negotiate prices.

  • Q

    How can ShaadiSaga help me book a top quality wedding photographer in Mumbai?

    • ShaadiSaga has over a hundred wedding photographers with their prices and reviews listed on the website. You can browse through their profiles and choose the one best-suited for you as per your budget and other requirements. Once you ask for a quote, we will assign a dedicated ShaadiSaga wedding manager for you. This wedding manager can assist you in choosing the right wedding photographer for you and he will also help you in negotiating prices & booking. There are no extra charges for this assistance.

  • Q

    What are the charges for wedding photography in Mumbai?

    • The starting range for photography for 2 day function is generally 1 lakh and it goes up to 10-15 lakhs.

  • Q

    What are the other wedding services I can book in Mumbai through ShaadiSaga?

    • ShaadiSaga is your one-stop shop when it comes to all your wedding needs. We can help you book your venue, your decorator, wedding planner, choreographer, invitations, make-up artists and hairdresser and even your mehendi artists.

  • Q

    Is there any good location in Mumbai for a pre-wedding shoot?

    • Mumbai has a number of lovely places where you can have your pre-wedding shoot. You can choose an untouched, pristine beach or a beautiful garden or even the lawns of a 5-star hotel. However, your photographer and the wedding manager we assign o you will be able to guide you towards the right location depending on what you are looking for in a pre-wedding shoot.

  • Q

    What are the important things I should discuss with a photographer before booking?

    • While choosing your wedding photographer, you need to discuss his past experience and see samples of his work. Discuss your requirements, such as what you are looking for in your photographs and if the photographer will be able to fulfil them. You should inform him of the dates of your functions and see if he is available at that time. Price is another important factor that you should discuss before deciding on one photographer.

  • Q

    Are the wedding photographers in Mumbai listed on ShaadiSaga professionals?

    • The wedding photography services listed on ShaadiSaga for Mumbai are all verified businesses with reviews and rating. There are no amateurs listed on our website. All the photographers listed on ShaadiSaga are skilled at their work and will give you high-quality results.

  • Q

    What are some basic tips to look good for your pre-wedding photographs?

    • This is something the photographer will be able to guide you on, depending on the kind of pre-wedding shoot you want. You can arrange for a change of outfits and a makeup artist to give you a different look for the pre-wedding photo shoot.

  • Q

    What should a wedding photography package in Mumbai include?

    • Ideally, a wedding photography package should include options for candid and traditional photography and videography. It should cover the wedding eve, the main wedding and the reception. Apart from this, it depends on your requirements and what you negotiate with your chosen photographer.