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Mehndi Artists in Bangalore


The ‘IT capital’ of the city, Bangalore is home to some of the most stylish people in the country. Any celebration in the city witnesses people putting their best foot forward on the fashion front. Weddings are the biggest celebrations in the city...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Mehndi Artists on ShaadiSaga

Sukanya Prasad1 day ago

★ 5.0

I have availed the service from Jyothika on occasion of my cousin wedding. Her work is amazing with expertise in carrying out minute delicate designs. She did mehndi for my sisters wedding and the dulhan mehndi was superb with each element well made. Friendly and cooperative which just make her perfect for any occasions in your family.

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Anusha Shashidhar5 days ago

★ 5.0

Having my bridal mehndi done by Jyothika was, in a word, AMAZING! It was a wonderful experience. Of course, the designs were beautiful, which anyone can tell by looking at her Instagram or website. But the overall experience was really great. In arranging our appointment and leading up to the date, she responded quickly and was timely with communications over email and phone/text. The day of, she was on time and started working right away. She has her set up fine tuned exactly to the way she works. The mehndi itself was beautiful and she was very accommodating to my requests. My husband had so much fun looking for the letters of his name in my mehndi, which was a subtle touch that I really loved. Jyothika was also very easy to talk to while she applied my mehndi. She provided thorough instructions for aftercare and a small kit to take care of my mehndi, which was an awesome touch! The color was almost black on my palms and fingers, medium brown on my forearms, and medium to deep brown on the backs of my hands and my feet. The designs looked great even 7 days after application. They began to fade because I was washing my hands very frequently after about 7 days, which was very reasonable. The designs faded instead of flaking off. I have had mehendi done by many artists over the years including other reputable artists in the area. I would say that the total experience with Jyothika and Team was one of the best I have had. I would definitely repeat the experience and recommend to all my friends and family!

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Jaishree5 days ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Jay Mehandi Arts

Jay mehehid Art you are the best and mehandi color was reallyyy awsum... Thanks alot

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Anamika5 days ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Jay Mehandi Arts

His mehendi was completely natural-O and didn't smell and I was so glad about that. He also guided me before hand as to when would be the ideal time to get the mehendi put.

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Latest Mehndi Ideas

Hire Mehndi Artists in Bangalore via ShaadiSaga

Services offered by the Top Mehndi Artists in Bangalore

The tradition of applying mehndi has been existing in the Indian culture since forever. Different people, however, have a need for different types of mehndi and therefore, demand different types of services from the mehndi artists. On the basis of this varying demand, the talented mehndi artists divide their services into two broad categories namely the bridal mehndi designs and the guest mehndi designs. We discuss both these categories in detail as you read further.

Latest trends in bridal mehndi designs & mehndi functions

Mehndi is a creative art form itself. From time to time, mehndi artists create unique and innovative ways to express their art. Some of these ways grow into popular trends and the artists experience a great demand for such trends. The intricate full legs and hands, Arabic and Mughal mehndi designs have been trending forever while the recent trends include the Boho mehndi, the white, and the multi-colored mehndi among some other popular designs. Make sure you check out the latest trends in bridal mehndi designs and mehndi functions and bookmark your favorite ones to show them to your bridal mehndi artist.

Guide to Hire Best Mehndi Artists in Bangalore

The mehndi industry lately has been growing huge and professional with more artists opting to become professional mehndi artists. The increase in the number of mehndi professionals has definitely given us more to choose from. However, this great amount of choice, at the same time, can be overwhelming for some while choosing the right one for them. Here is where we step in. We created this guide to help you choose the best mehndi artists in Bangalore for you. Go through it and take notes!

Things to Consider While Hiring the Top Mehndi Artists in Bangalore

Bridal Mehndi Artists Price in Bangalore

The bridal mehndi industry has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Over the years it has become more organized and professional. The prices in the industry, however, are not fixed. The experience of your artist and the type of mehndi that you opt for decides the price that will be incurred in your bridal mehndi. The more experienced your artist is, the more is he/she likely to charge for the same service. The quality of service, however, is better in the case of the experienced ones mostly. ShaadiSaga has listed the top mehndi artists in Bangalore in almost all budgets to make it convenient for you to choose the one for you.

Other Wedding Services We Provide

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Bridal Designers:  The design of the most gorgeous wedding outfits for you to look your glamorous best on the day of your wedding.

Choreographers:  Shake a leg at your wedding and surprise everyone with the grooviest moves by best choreographers in Bangalore.

Wedding Videographers: They craft a movie out of your wedding ceremony beautifully.

Bridal Makeup Artists: Look your gorgeous best on the day of your wedding by hiring the city’s top makeup artists

Wedding Decorators: Traditional or modern, they make sure that the wedding setting at which you will tie a knot looks beautiful

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Mehndi Artists in Bangalore

Q - What is the cost of a Bridal mehndi artist in Bangalore?

The prices in the bridal mehndi industry vary a lot depending on the experience and the type of mehndi that you are opting for. More experienced mehndi artist is likely to charge you more for the same service than a budging mehndi artist. ShaadiSaga has listed the best ones in almost all budgets for your convenience. We suggest you hire a mehndi artist at least 2-3 months in advance, for last-minute bookings might cost you more.

Q - What are the other services offered by ShaadiSaga?

ShaadiSaga takes responsibility to take care of all your wedding planning needs. Other than providing a list of mehndi artists in Bangalore, we also publish Bangalore’s best photographer, videographer, makeup artist, bridal designer, invitation designer, wedding planner, wedding venues, and much more.

Q - How does ShaadiSaga help in hiring the top mehndi artists in Bangalore?

A team at ShaadiSaga is always looking to add more talented ones to our list of mehndi artists in Bangalore. We find this talent in different corners of the city. After finding them, the experts at ShaadiSaga analyze the profiles of these mehndi artists depending on the skills, experience, and reviews about the artists by the people who have availed their services in the past. The selected ones are listed on different categories and budgets to the users to choose the apt one for them