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Weddings in the early days were a very serious affair with rigid rituals, songs to melt hearts, and emotional outbursts. They still are, but with a more relaxed atmosphere where families enjoy every ritual with music and dance.

This is reflected most in the Sangeet ceremony where all the close relatives and friends give dance performances. It is the Sangeet ceremony that adds glamour and spice to the weddings. It is interesting to witness the elderly swinging to the old wedding songs or couples dancing on romantic numbers. Even sisters and brothers, niece and nephews give wedding dance performances. This is where choreographers for sangeet come in.

  • Types of Wedding Dance Performances

    Choosing a good choreographer who can bring out the best in everyone is of utmost importance. A good choreographer is one who can make everyone participate, enjoy and make it a wedding to remember.

    • Couple Dances - These are most anticipated dance performances by couples in the family like chacha-chachi, bhaiya- bhabhi, and bua fufa, and didi-jiju. The need to be choreographed in such a way that it brings out the shy emotions of the couple considering their comfort level while dancing.
    • Family members dance - parents, siblings, best friends – all are a part of the story and together they can weave a magical tale for the guests. They can be made to dance on specific and appropriate songs with the couple and create a story too. It is a beautiful way to expressing their love and affection for each other and for the couple.
    • Solo dances - The most awaited dance of the evening in which the bride and the groom perform individually or as a couple or both to exhibit their happiness and love for each other.

Guide to Hire Best Wedding Choreographers

When you want to hire Choreographers for wedding dance near you, just browse our website and select your city. You will find well established, experienced wedding choreographers who will customize your functions per your imagination!

  • Things to consider when booking wedding choreographers

    There various dance forms that can be chosen depending on the wedding like Punjabi wedding, Maharashtrian wedding, Bengali wedding and so on. Ensure that the choreographer is familiar with the dance style your want.

    • Work out and fix realistic expectations and budget
    • Keep ample time like 1 -2 months prior to the wedding date for dance practice.
    • Decide on the type of dance performances.
    • List down the number and type of dance performances to avoid confusion later.
    • Keep in mind everyone’s availability and plan practice sessions suitably.
    • Discuss practice time and place.
    • Keep communication prompt.
    • Keep the choreographer updated with everything they need to know.
    • Who will get the songs, will a pen-drive or CD be required?
    • Also, if there is a requirement of backup and stage dancers, that can be arranged by the best wedding choreographers.
    • Keep a checklist handy to take care of last minute confusions.
  • Wedding Choreographers Pricing

    While there is no fixed fee or industry standard to compare the pricing of this service, you can have a look at various profiles to get an idea about the average price. Shortlist final 3 or 4 best wedding choreographers and ask for a reasonable quote. ShaadiSaga provides an entire list of vendors and will help you in understanding the various components of fees and pricing during the negotiation process.

  • Hire the right wedding photographer @ ShaadiSaga

    • We are associated only with verified photographers who hold experience in the field and who have undergone strict background checks to ensure that they provide only quality work.
    • We have photographers using advanced equipment, as well as photographers with basic photography. You can choose from a wide variety of services, which includes new-age candid photography to drones, photo booths, photo albums, etc. We have budget and expensive photographers both.
  • Wedding Photography & Pre-Wedding Photography Pricing

    Photographers from different parts of the country may have different rates. You can check the minimum and maximum price by browsing through photographers’ profiles on ShaadiSaga. At ShaadiSaga, you can find both affordable wedding photographers within budget and expensive ones, of course. Rest assured, we will help you crack the best deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Choreography

  • Q

    How much in advance should we start practicing for sangeet dance?

    • Well, we would say that ideal time to begin practices for sangeet and become perfect at it is usually 1 to 1.5 months prior to the scheduled day. But it is ultimately the choice of the couple and the required family members when they want to begin. You can always coordinate with the choreographer once you finalize them.
  • Q

    How much does a choreographer cost?

    • The prices of the choreographers may vary depending on practice sessions, type of dance, number of dances, dance props used, number of backup dancers requested for, etc. You can also browse through their profiles on Shaadisaga to get an idea. On an average it is 15 to 60K. More expensive ones are certainly there.
  • Q

    Will my sangeet dance choreographer be present at the time of the event?

    • Most of the times it is not required, as the choreographer sets up everything and then leaves. In case you need him or any of his team members to be around, you can work it out after coordinating with him.
  • Q

    How can ShaadiSaga help me book the best choreographer?

    • ShaadiSaga has listed ALL the best wedding choreographers after a thorough background check to ensure that they are serious about their work and provide great service ensuring customer satisfaction. In fact, there is no need to doubt the credibility of any of the wedding service providers listed with us.
    • ShaadiSaga has tie ups with a wide range of top wedding choreographers who provide services from simple ceremonies to dream dance sequences.
    • We have both affordable and premium segment choreographers.
    • A request for quotation from you will make you eligible for our FREE assistance to choose wedding choreographer. Our manager will help in price negotiation & booking.
    • At ShaadiSaga, you can find more than hundred wedding photographers and you can easily choose the best one according to your budget. Once you ask for quote, we will assign you a dedicated ShaadiSaga wedding manager, who will assist you in choosing the best photographer based on your specific requirements. He will help you in negotiating prices & booking. Relax, there are no extra charges for this assistance.