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Where would the makeup be done?

At the Makeup Artist's Studio

At the Venue of my event

Anywhere is fine

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All brides want to look spectacular on their wedding day. It is every bride’s dream to look perfect on her wedding. She is going to be the centre of attention and all eyes are going to be on her. If there are any flaws, the makeup artist can hide them, for she is truly an artist working on the canvas of your face. This is the bride’s day to shine and your makeup artist can help you do that with perfection. If you are looking for the best makeup artist in Hyderabad, then look no further than We have all the best bridal makeup artists of the city listed on our website. Makeup artists can provide you with many different services to help you glow on this special day.

  • There are Various Types of Services Provided by Makeup Artists in mumbai
    Some of these services are:

  • Bridal Makeup

    The way you look on your wedding day is, of course, the main reason you need to hire a professional makeup artist. Hire someone who is aware of all the latest makeup techniques and can incorporate all of these in giving you the perfect look. Some of the different makeup techniques are airbrush makeup, HD makeup, etc.

  • Pre-bridal Services

    If you book your bridal makeup with a salon, they are sure to offer you an entire package containing pre-wedding services, such as facials, manicure, pedicure, waxing, bleaching, skin clean-ups, de-tan treatments, etc.

  • Hair-dos and pin-ups

    No bridal look is complete without the perfect hair-do. Most bridal makeup artists have a team of people and this team will include a hair dresser as well who will be able to tease your tresses into a gorgeous chignon or anything else you may want.

  • Guest Makeup/Hair

    You can take a package which will include guest makeup for a certain number of women in your wedding party. This can include the bride/ groom’s mother, sister’s, aunts and other close guests.

  • Sari/Lehenga Draping

    Most makeup packages also include sari or lehenga draping for the bride. If your guests also need help with the draping, it can be included in the package.

The Ultimate Guide Hire Top Makeup Artists in Hyderabad

  • some Quick Tips to Book Makeup artists in Hyderabad

    • Always book your bridal makeup artist in advance. A makeup artist is the one of the first persons that people book. The best makeup artists in Hyderabad get booked months in advance and will not be available at the last-minute. So check Shaadisaga as soon as your wedding date is fixed and book your one of the top bridal makeup artists in Hyderabad at the earliest.

    • Apart from the price, do go through their portfolio to know about their capabilities. Check out samples of their work. Don’t just see pictures of bridal makeup, but also see the looks they created for different functions to get an idea about their work.

    • Estimate your budget for bridal make-up as it becomes easy when one is mentally prepared. However, be a little flexible as the make-up artist you like may be expensive than your fixed budget.

    • Don’t hesitate to negotiate. The manager ShaadiSaga will assign you will also help in this.

    • If you need the makeup artist in Hyderabad Telangana to come to the venue or your home, you need to check beforehand if he/she is willing to do so.

    • Check bridal makeup packages online and see what all services they offer so you are aware of what to negotiate for when booking your bridal make-up artist in Hyderabad.

    • Always go for a trial first and then book a makeup artist suitably.

    • Shortlist 2-3 makeup artists based on their experience, skills, reviews, ratings and price.

    • Do check if the make-up artist is available on the day of your pre-wedding and wedding function.

    • There is no need to ask your married friends and relatives for bridal makeup in Hyderabad Telangana anymore. Even if you liked the look of the bride at a certain wedding, it is not necessary that your budget would match hers. So, no need to look elsewhere, simply search Shaadisaga.

  • Things to Discuss With Your Makeup Artist in Hyderabad

    • First and foremost, you should inform the makeup artist of the dates of the functions when you need his/her services, to check their availability.

    • Show your outfits to the makeup artist and discuss the look you want for each function. This will give the artist time to prepare and he/she will also be able to make recommendations regarding the appropriate makeup and hairdo.

    • Find out if the makeup artist will do a trial and also if the trial is paid or complimentary. Try out different looks and different lighting and see how you photograph under these conditions.

    • If you want the makeup artist to come home or to the venue of the function, you need to inform them beforehand to avoid any confusion.

    • First think about your requirements and then discuss the details of the package before finalising the makeup artist. Make sure to discuss, such as what all is to be included in the package should be discussed clearly. Do check what products the makeup artist uses and also check the brand.

    • If you need their services for other guests, find out if services, such as hair-dos, lehenga pin-ups and saree draping is included. You need to let the makeup artist know of the number of people who would require their services and they will give you a quote accordingly.

    • Discuss the number of people who will be accompanying the makeup artist. Make sure they have enough people so that everyone can get ready on time without any hassle.

  • Why should you book your top makeup artist with Shaadisaga?

    • ShaadiSaga has a comprehensive list of extremely talented and the best makeup artists in Hyderabad.

    • All the listed professionals have been verified.

    • We do stringent background checks to ensure quality work for all our clients.

    • Our artists are proficient in the latest makeup techniques and trends.

    • We help to make you look your best for all your functions.

  • How does ShaadiSaga help in hiring a best makeup artist in Hyderabad?

    First, you need to register with ShaadiSaga. Next, you are required to browse through the make-up artists in Hyderabad who are listed on our website. Go through their portfolio, and shortlist a few. When you contact any professional through our website, they will respond in 24-hours. You can take assistance of the wedding manager, we assign you for the booking. He will ensure that the booking process is smooth and hassle-free. He will also help you to negotiate with the makeup artist and get the best price.

  • Common Mistakes People Make While Hiring a top quality Makeup Artist in hyderabad

    • Don’t hire an amateur makeup artist because he/she comes recommended by family or friends. This is probably the most important event in your life, and you cannot take any chances with how you look.

    • Very often, people forget booking a makeup artist in advance and book at the last minute. The best makeup artists in Hyderabad get booked much before the wedding. So, do your research and book your makeup artist at the earliest.

    • If you are getting ready at the venue or your home, make sure you have a quiet, well-lit room for the makeup artist to work. Don’t interfere too much when the artist is at work. These are professionals with years of experience and they know exactly what they are doing.

    • Often people book a makeup artist without taking a trial. Don’t make that mistake. Do take a trial with the makeup artist. What worked for someone else, may not necessarily work for you.

    • Don’t hire someone without reading reviews of their work. Book through our reliable portal Shaadisaga where all makeup artists are listed along with reviews and ratings.

    • Don’t take it for granted that the makeup artist knows what you want. Discuss your requirements in detail and ensure that the makeup artist has understood your requirements.

  • Charges of bridal makeup artist in Hyderabad

    Makeup is an art and you can find many top bridal makeup artists in Hyderabad listed on the Shaadisaga website. Depending on your budget and your requirements, you will find many artists specialising in bridal makeup. Depending upon the services and the kind of look you require, bridal makeup services in Hyderabad can start from as 12,000 and can go up to 15,00. The bridal makeup Hyderabad cost for guest’s make-up are separate but if you have a fixed number of people looking to get makeup and hair styling, you can ask for a package deal from your makeup artist. Once you register with Shaadisaga, we will assign a wedding manager to you who will help you get the best possible rates after negotiations.

  • Other wedding services in hyderabad offered by shaadisaga

Frequently asked question about bridal makeup in hyderabad

  • Q

    Can I get any offer on bridal makeup packages in Hyderabad?

    • We have negotiated the best rates with all the makeup artists listed on our website. However, you can still discuss the rates with them. When you register with us, we will assign a wedding manager to you who will assist you in negotiations and will also help you in getting the best rates and discounts.

  • Q

    Can I know the total cost of bridal makeup in Hyderabad?

    • Bridal makeup is not cheap and the bridal makeup Hyderabad cost depends on the kind of makeup you want and the number of functions. It also depends on the makeup artist you book and the package you select. The starting price for a bridal makeup in Hyderabad is Rs. 12000 and can go up to Rs. 15,000 or higher.

  • Q

    What do bridal makeup packages include?

    • Ideally a bridal makeup package should include pre-bridal treatments, such as facials and skincare, manicure, pedicure, bleach, waxing, threading etc. Obviously, it contains bridal makeup and draping of the wedding outfit and the hairdo for the wedding. If you want to get makeup and hair services for your bridesmaids and other family members too, you can ask the makeup artist to customise a package for you and give you a quote accordingly.

  • Q

    Can you suggest some quick tips for bridal makeup?

    • Bridal makeup needs to last for long hours and withstand harsh lights and other conditions. Here are some tips you can keep in mind while getting your bridal makeup done:

      • Make sure all your makeup and even your foundation is waterproof.

      • Don’t rush your makeup artist; Let them take their time.

      • Make sure your skin is clean, hydrated and exfoliated.

      • Wear a button-down shirt while getting your makeup done, so you don’t spoil your hair and makeup while changing.

  • Q

    Are the makeup artists in Hyderabad listed on Shaadisaga trustworthy?

    • The makeup artists listed on Shaadisaga are thorough professionals. Before listing them on our website we do complete background checks to verify the vendor involved. This insures complete reliability so that quality is not compromised.

  • Q

    What are the other wedding services offered by Shaadisaga in the Hyderabad area?

    • Shaadisaga is your one-stop shop for all wedding-related requirements. Be it wedding photographers, wedding decorators, wedding invites, mehendi artists, videographers, choreographers and even wedding venues, you will find it all on

  • Q

    What are the some important things I should keep in mind before hiring a makeup artist in Hyderabad?

    • Do take a trial before you finalise the makeup artist. Don’t forget to read their reviews and check their rating online. Ask for samples of their work and see the different looks they can create for different functions. You should negotiate the price and discuss the details of the package to avoid confusion later. Book your makeup artist much before your wedding date and don’t wait till the last minute, since the top makeup artists get booked months in advance. You should also ensure that the makeup artist uses good quality branded products. Also, if you have a destination wedding, do check if the makeup artist is ready to travel to the destination or the wedding venue.

  • Q

    Should I have my makeup done at the makeup artist’s studio or at my event venue?

    • Where you get your makeup done depends on what is convenient for you. In these days of immense traffic, it is a good idea to call the makeup artist to the event venue, so that you don’t get delayed for the function. However, some makeup artists prefer to work in their studio, since the lighting is perfect and all the materials they need are at hand. Also, generally, makeup artists charge extra for visiting the venue.