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Where would the makeup be done?

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At the Venue of my event

Anywhere is fine

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Hire the Best Makeup Artist in Chennai only with Shaadisaga

A marriage is a beautiful ceremony, which bonds two people together for life. Wedding ceremonies are organised to unite the bride and the groom in wedlock. As this is probably the most important day in her life, the bride wants to look her best. This is where the bridal makeup artist comes into play. In India, there are several states and regions and therefore wedding traditions are also different. Therefore, a bridal makeup artist needs to have perfect knowledge of rituals of each region and do the makeup accordingly. If you are looking for the best bridal makeup artists in Chennai , you are at the right place. At ShaadiSaga, you can browse through several wedding professionals and book the one that match your needs.

  • Services By the Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Chennai
    When it comes to makeup, following are the main types of services provided by female makeup artists in Chennai.

  • Airbrush makeup in chennai

    Airbrush makeup is a technique used to apply makeup on the skin by making use of the airbrush system. Here, no brushes, sponges or fingers are used. The coverage provided by this makeup is full as the layers are built up to provide a perfect look. This makeup style is considered perfect for promotional shoots and weddings as it looks absolutely fantastic in photos as well as in person. It provides the bride with flawless appearance. The charges for airbrush makeup are on the higher side, but the look is flawless. Shaadisaga has the best bridal makeup artists listed on its website, who are experts at airbrush makeup.

  • Regular makeup artists in chennai

    This is the makeup style used for daily makeup as well. Here, makeup is done using traditional methods and makeup items like brush sponges as well as the fingers. If you compare this with airbrush makeup, you can find that airbrush makeup is light, while this makeup has a thick layer of foundation as the base. The finishing of the regular makeup depends on the skills of the makeup artists. Shaadisaga has the best female makeup artists in Chennai listed on its website, who can make you look flawless with regular makeup.

  • Guest makeup in chennai

    Usually, the packages provided by bridal makeup artists include traditional-style makeup for bridesmaids or family members or relatives. While making the choice of a bridal makeup artist in Chennai , you must check if the hairstyling and draping of bridesmaids and family members is also included in the package, or you can ask the makeup artist to customize such a package for you, if these are your requirements.

  • Pre-Bridal & Other Services

    When we talk about bridal beauty services, it is not only about the makeup on the wedding day. It involves a number of things like draping of saree or dupatta, hairstyling, nail art and pre-bridal beauty services that are done few days before the wedding function. You must surely go for both, a pre-bridal package and a bridal package. Pre-bridal package will usually include facials according to skin type, body polishing treatment, hair and nails spa, pedicure, manicure, hair smoothening treatments, etc.

Complete Guide to Hire Top Makeup artists in Chennai

Need the top quality bridal makeup artist in chennai? Shaadisaga can help you in this task as we have listed the best female makeup artists in Chennai.

  • Things to remember while hiring one of the top bridal makeup artists in Chennai

    All eyes are going to be on the bride, so it is important that your makeup is perfect. Flawless makeup also helps you to look stunning in the pictures. So, the bridal makeup artist that you hire must be skillful and experienced.

    • Research about the various types and makeup styles and looks that will work best for you.

    • Plan your budget but be flexible about it. Good makeup professionals come little bit expensive.

    • Go through the packages of various makeup artists and compare them carefully. Look at the details of pre-bridal packages too, if you want one.

    • Ask for quotes from a few of your chosen makeup artists and do a comparison. If you need an edd-on package for guests, do ask for the price.

    • Contact the one that suits your requirements and budget and check their availability.

    • If all seems fine and the makeup artist you shortlist suits all your requirements, book the artists at the earliest. Try booking at least a month in advance.

    • Ask about trial make-up. This is a trial session done before booking a bridal makeup artist in Chennai. Different artists have different policies regarding this session. Some provide you this service for free while some charge a fee. Check if it has hidden the flaws of your face including dark circles, acne marks and other blemishes.

    • If you are not sure about your selection, you can ask for suggestions from the experts at Shaadisaga. We will help you to select the best bridal makeup artist in Chennai.

  • Things to discuss before hiring a bridal makeup artist in Chennai

    • Inform them about the date and time of your wedding. This is important to check their availability.

    • Ask them about what type of makeup will suit your skin type. Show them your bridal outfits and discuss the look that will go with it and will suit you at the same time.

    • Tell them clearly about the budget but be ready to spend a little extra to achieve great results.

    • Ask them about the inclusions in the package. You need to know if the hairstyling, draping and other things are included or you have to pay extra for the same.

    • Discuss the makeup products and the brands they use.

    • Ask the makeup artist if they give a trial and if it will be a free session or you will have to pay for the same. Click photographs after the trial is done and give your feedback about the same, if something does not work for you.

    • If you are going to have a destination wedding, the important question is who will pay the travel and accommodation expenses of a makeup artist and assistants. Discuss it with them before going ahead with the bookings.

    • Ask them about the cost, discounts and complementary services. Discuss the payment policy, cancellation and refund policy and other things related to payment.

  • Mistakes to avoid for choosing one of the best bridal makeup artists in Chennai

    • Don’t visit a makeup artist without being clear about the type of look you want to have. Discuss your ideas and expectations, ask for their suggestions, show them your bridal wear and let them see what suits your skin and your attire.

    • Don’t be too fixed about your budget. You need to be flexible if you want to get the best look for your best day.

    • Don’t wait till the last minute to book your makeup artist since, the best makeup artists in Chennai get booked months in advance and nobody will be available during the peak wedding season.

    • Don’t select the makeup artist without going through their portfolio. Look at samples of their work. It will give you a better idea about the type of work they do and quality of their work.

    • If you have any allergies, you must let your makeup artist Chennai know in advance.

    • Don’t zero down on a particular look before doing a trial. A trial will help you know whether a particular look suits you or not. Take a trial even if you need to pay extra for it.

    • Don’t book different makeup artists for different events. Hire only one artist so that you have a different look for every event.

  • Makeup Artists In Chennai Costs

    Different makeup artists in Chennai have different charges. The charges depend upon factors like the type of makeup you want, quality of the products they use and a few other things. Airbrush makeup is more expensive than regular makeup. You can go through the profiles of top bridal makeup artists in Chennai listed with Shaadisaga to know about their charges. Shaadisaga has expensive as well as budget makeup artist listed on its website. You can make a choice according to your budget and other requirements. On an average, the bridal makeup in Chennai costs 10,000 to 12,000.

  • Why choose Shaadisaga for bridal makeup artists in Chennai?

    • Shaadisaga is a well-known name when it comes to online wedding planning. Here you can find some of the best bridal makeup artist in Chennai.

    • You can rely on ShaadiSaga as all the vendors listed here are verified by experts.

    • Thorough background checks are also done to ensure that we list only quality professionals.

    • You can easily book the best makeup artist in Chennai through our wedding portal.

  • How it Works?

    Register and browse our site to find a wedding professional of your choice. When you ask for contact details or request for a quote from any of the top makeup artist on ShaadiSaga, your request will be received by the makeup artist instantly. Generally, they reply within 24 hours. We will also help you choose the best make-up artist and negotiate prices. For this, we will assign an expert ShaadiSaga wedding manager.

  • Other wedding Services Offered by Shaadisaga in Chennai

    Shaadisaga is a wedding planning website and it lists vendors in all the major cities of India, including Chennai. It is your one-stop solution for all your wedding requirements.

    • Wedding invitations in Chennai:The invitations are an important part of any wedding and it has to be special. We have the best wedding card designers in Chennai listed on our website. You can choose the one suitable for your needs.

    • Wedding decorators in Chennai:Your wedding venue must look beautiful and for this reason, we have listed the best decorators of Chennai who will help you in this task.

    • Wedding Choreographers in Chennai:Learn some dance moves from the experts and rock the stage. Our experts will help you to find the best choreographers in Chennai.

    • Bridal designers in Chennai:Shaadisaga has the best bridal designers in Chennai listed on its website. You can get your bridal outfit from whoever suits your fancy.

    • Wedding photographers in Chennai:Get your best moments captured in photos as memories to cherish for a lifetime. Our experts will help you to find the best wedding photographer in Chennai.

    • Wedding videographers in Chennai:Get your wedding ceremony recorded in a video as a movie. We have the top wedding videographers in Chennai registered with us.

    • Wedding planners in Chennai:Hire a wedding planner through us and sit back and enjoy your wedding functions without any stress.

    • Mehendi artists in Chennai: No bridal look is complete without the perfect mehendi. The top Mehendi artists in Chennai are listed on Shaadisaga. Hire the one suitable for you.

Frequently asked question about top bridal makeup artists in chennai

  • Q

    Can I get a discount on bridal makeup packages in Chennai?

    • Different bridal makeup artists in Chennai listed on Shaadisaga have different packages and they offer handsome discounts and complementary services on each package. Shaadisaga helps you get the best possible deal for the services through the wedding manager assigned to you.

  • Q

    What is the total cost of makeup artists in Chennai?

    • Different wedding makeup artists in Chennai have different charges. It depends upon the type of makeup you want to get done and what all inclusions you want in your package. We have listed the top bridal makeup up artists in Chennai and you can go through their profiles to know about the maximum and minimum costs charged by them.

  • Q

    What do bridal makeup packages in Chennai include?

    • Generally. Bridal makeup packages in Chennai include airbrush makeup or regular makeup for the bride, trial makeup for the bride, hairstyling, draping and other grooming services for the bride, guest makeup etc. Some makeup artists provide hairstyling and draping services for the bridesmaids and family members as well.

  • Q

    Can you suggest some quick tips about bridal makeup?

      • Research about the different types of makeup techniques suitable for Indian bridal makeup.

      • Show your outfits to your makeup artist, so that they can decide on what kind of look to give you with each outfit.

      • Discuss your skin type and products that will suit it with the makeup artist.

      • Tell the artist about any allergies you may have.

      • Ask for a trial in order to check if the look you want suits you or not.

      • Insist on using the best quality products to avoid any side effects on the skin.

  • Q

    Are the makeup artists in chennai listed on shaadisaga trustworthy?

    • Shaadisaga has only the best makeup artists in Chennai listed on its website. You can be assured of the quality of services they provide as they have undergone strict background checks to provide quality services to clients. They are verified professionals with great expertise and experience in the field.

  • Q

    What other wedding services are offered by shaadisaga in Chennai?

    • Shaadisaga is a complete wedding planning website. It helps you to book all the vendors you need for a perfect wedding like Wedding Decorators, Wedding Choreographers, Bridal Designers, Wedding, Photographers, Wedding Videographers, Wedding Planners and Mehendi Artists.

  • Q

    What are some tips or things I should keep in mind before hiring makeup artists in Chennai?

    • Following are some things you must consider while choosing a makeup artist in Chennai.

      • Do good research about various types and styles of makeup and find out which style will suit you the most.

      • Plan your budget but be a little flexible about it.

      • Search for the best bridal makeup artists online. Read their reviews and check out samples of their work.

      • Go through the packages of various makeup artists and see what they include so you have a rough idea of what to negotiate with your makeup artist for.

      • Ask for the quotes from them and do comparisons.

      • Contact the one suitable for your requirements and budget and check their availability.

      • If things go in positive way, book the artists at least 1- 2 months in advance.

  • Q

    Should I have my makeup done at the makeup artist’s studio or at my event venue?

    • Our experts at Shaadisaga recommend getting the bridal makeup done at the makeup artist’s studio because they have a team of artists as well all the equipment to do the task perfectly. If they travel to the venue, they have to bring their team members along with the required equipment. For this, they may charge you extra. However, if you have a destination wedding, you have no option but to take the makeup artist with you or choose one at the destination city.