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You can too make your 'OWN' Wedding Song, just how this Bride did!

Bhavika Vallecha, 09 Mar 2018

How cool of an idea to have your own wedding song! Isn't it? We only see personalization taking over any other wedding trend. After all having the essence of the couple's love story in the wedding, makes it an entirely new concept. 

Well, if you're wondering who could do a song for their OWN wedding, then here's introducing you to the lady whose creative juices started grinding after she got Roka-fied, Komal Panwar!

In a candid convo with Komal she disclosed...

"The idea of Baraati Bride came to me the day I was Roka-ed. I felt like my parents were suddenly looking at me differently, and I said to my mother, “After I get married, I can't just roam around in bleach-stained t-shirts and shorts, anymore, right?” ...That night I couldn’t sleep and picked up my guitar to write 'Shehnayi'."

That's when she thought of speaking her story through a song! Just when she realised she could write her own story in tunes, she thought of taking this up as a profession—Helping other couples tell their story with their OWN wedding song. Like something that is just handcrafted for every couple out there. 

She, in fact, is working on a couple of pre-wedding songs for couples and is cherishing every moment of it.

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Note: Couples who wish to have a song of their own that sings their love story or the beauty of their love and relationship can get in touch with Komal on +91 8003286765

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Check out the song this bride wrote, composed and sung before she tied the knot!

Every other wedding trend just seems to fade against having an entirely personalized wedding! 

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