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Work Work Work! There is no shortcut to success: In A Candid Talk With Photographer Lakshya Chawla

Neha Garg, 27 Sep 2015

 “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words”- Ansel Adams

I always wondered what the fuss was about when it came to being a photographer. You buy a camera, find a good subject, click the important and you are good to go. But I was missing the point by a mile! A photographer is the heart and soul of a wedding, who captures the moment and makes the memories that lasts with us for a lifetime. Today, we are going to picture the profile of a photographer, who have attained heights in his photography career. He is the face behind the ‘Shutterdown Photography’. He beautifully captures all the amazing and different forms of love, emotions, happiness in the most perfect way. He follows his heart and does what makes him happy. In a short conversation with this talented photographer, we asked about his career, life and happy moments, here is what he shared with Shaadisaga!


You are an MBA from one of the premier B-Schools with a sound background in Marketing and Strategy. Why Wedding Photography? How do you feel about your decision of going ahead with Photography leaving behind the corporate world?

Well, we are in a society where being a doctor, an engineer or an MBA is a hygiene factor. When a person decides to follow his heart, the first question pops in - Log kya kahenge :P But after taking up Wedding Photography as a career, I felt extremely satisfied. I love what I do because of which I never shy away from putting those extra hours. I am extremely passionate about photography and I feel blessed, making your passion into your profession is the best thing that can happen to anyone!

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Tell us about your journey so far & share what you do in your free time, if you get any?

Journey so far has been full of adventures (Smiles). Wedding photography for me hasn't been just about clicking. It’s been about exploring new places, understanding new cultures, interacting with different people. You get to see so many different perspectives. For us, it’s all about the couple hiring me for the biggest day of their lives. We love exploring. My team has seen both sides of the world - we have covered weddings in the most amazing destinations in the world like Mombasa, Kilimanjaro, Udaipur to the small towns of the country which might not be even on google maps (I actually took a bullock cart to reach at a particular venue :P). But the kind of kick we get from every wedding keeps us motivated to push ourselves to come up with something interesting for every wedding that we cover :)


Our work culture is extremely flexible. On one hand, working till 4am sometimes becomes a habit during peak times. Whereas sometimes, we just take our rugs and go off for backpacking. All of us are die hard travellers. We have regular internal workshops for the team, so that we are geared up with some insane skills, that come in handy quite often.

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Any pitfalls or disappointments in the industry that you believed have slowed you down? Any regrets?

No Regrets! The industry is amazing. All the new generation photographers share an extremely positive relationship. When one of us is blocked on a particular date, we pass on the client to one of our fellow photographers.


You are young & spirited, hardly 25 in number. What are some key things or steps that made you successful?

Work Work Work! There is no shortcut to success. It’s very easy to get away with challenges by simply taking the sideways or ignoring them. But your real mettle comes out when you tackle the toughest possible situations without cribbing about them.


Lakshya, we have heard about your love for Cinematography. What inspires you?

Apart from photography I'm also a trained musician. The cinematography is extremely dependent on the kind of music that you use to make the films. This is where the passions meet for me. The majority of my time goes into exploring for new music, underground bands, anything and everything that connects with me. Its my music that inspires me to create films which are filled with extreme emotions - strong, subtle, happy


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What has been your favorite wedding so far? Any future projects you are excited about?

By now we have covered some really interesting weddings off-late. Cross culture, destination, beach, hills :P But I guess I would give it to our recent tour of Africa. As in, it was quite an adventure. From getting caught for shooting in abandoned areas or getting caught in a whirlpool while doing the underwater shoot. This wedding had it all :D Oh yes, we will have something extremely interesting lined up for the next year. Most probably we would be doing an East-Europe wedding tour next year! (Yaaiyee :D)

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Shaadisaga wishes Lakshya Chawla a successful and bright future, just like his photographs :)