#BridesOnly: 11 Reasons Why Your Sasural Can Never Replace Your Maika

Rashmi Jayara, 06 Dec 2019

Weddings are definitely fun — fashion, dance, food and lots of celebrations. But what we don’t like is leaving our parents’ house and living in Sasural. Imagine, spending decades with your parents and living with them, and one day you just leave. We have so many memories in that house. Even the notorious brother is missed after the wedding. So girls, today we will talk about things which are very close to our hearts and we miss the most after the wedding. Keep a tissue box close girls, because we are taking you through an emotional rollercoaster. 

11 Reasons Why Your Parents’ Home Will Always Be Your First Home

1. Mummy ki champi

Remember those days when before every hair wash your mum used to massage your head with oil. There is some special magic in her hands that within a few minutes, all the stress used to get out of the mind. So, if you are planning to see your mum soon, make sure to have a champi from her hands. 

2. Real talk with your father

People say that usually, girls are close to their mother and boys to their father. But, we all know how strong and special is the bond of a father and a daughter. Daughter is always treated like a princess by her dad. And one thing that we surely miss about our dad is the “real talk”. And sometimes, when a father behaves like a child, his daughter becomes the “maa”. 

3. Coming back home drunk (shhh!)

Girls, let’s just accept this! There must have been time(s) when you came back home after a party. Without making any eye contact, you just sneak in your bedroom. Well now, even thinking about partying is hard.

4. Sleepover with your girls

Those nights spent with your girlfriends were the best times, right? Talking about your problems, dressing up each other, late-night movies in the bed, cooking food together and laughing your heart out—weren’t those the best moments?

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5. Sharing little things with your mother

Even if you were not that close to your mother, but the comfort will be always there. From telling you about the periods to helping you in every problem, your mother is definitely a superhero. She has seen you in your best and worst days. Even if you try to hide things from her, SHE WILL KNOW EVERYTHING! 

6. Fights with sibling

Were you not that duo who spent their childhood by watching WWE (and practising the moves on each other). Let us state one thing, there are no siblings who don’t fight. Be it about getting an extra piece of chocolate or arguing over who is maa’s favourite, we just find reasons to fight. Because as they say, the more you argue, the more you love. 

7. Stealing clothes from everyone’s wardrobe

Raise your hand if you also wore your mother’s saree on your farewell. We all have been stealing clothes from everyone’s wardrobe since we were little. Wearing mumma’s sarees for functions, dad’s shirt to college and slaying winter with brother’s hoodies. But the most favourite part would be wearing sister’s clothes without even asking her. 

8. Acting like a child

Unmarried life is truly a bliss. We had freedom of behaving like a kid without any responsibility. You could cry and laugh whenever you wanted. There was no such thing like “adjust”. There was much more liberty because now, the childishness is lost somewhere.  

9. Getting priority 

If you were the eldest kid in your house, you must have been a pampered one. Because before others, you are the only one and everybody’s favourite. You must have been given priority in your life, be it for advice, gifts or entertainment. 

10. Hiding your food

Even Sherlock would not find the place where you hide your favourite food from your sibling. After the wedding, people expect from you to be more giving. But it’s okay to still have the childlike innocence. 

11. Ghar ka khaana

No matter how big and grand a restaurant is, NOTHING can replace your mother’s food. Even if we try to replicate the recipe, there is hardly any chance that it will be as good as your mother’s. 


So if you are about to get married, don’t forget to cherish these valuable things. Send this to your parents and siblings and tell them how much you love them. 


What do you miss the most about your parents and siblings? Share your story with us.