Your wedding day is coming and so is the worry of looking perfect on your D-day. Though you might have a lot on your mind ahead of your big day, starting with the wedding plans, venue, outfit and what not to but one thing that certainly tops the list, is looking your absolute best and nothing less than perfect works for you and though losing weight is something we would do because we want to look the best version of ourselves but in the middle of various wedding tasks, it is very difficult to score time for exercise and so the bride often falls for the fastest possible way, CRASH DIET which as a matter of fact is slow-motion path to self-destruction.

Here’s how :

#1 Your Fittings will fluctuate at the 11th hour

The bridal outfit is generally planned 3-4 months ahead of the wedding date and the measurements could vary between the span of these months due to crash dieting, having a last minute predicament in your wedding outfit is nothing less than a NIGHTMARE and is an explanation enough to eliminate all your plans for yo-yo dieting.

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#2 Gloomy instead of glowy

By restricting fat and carbs from your diet, you are just taking away all the glow from your skin which would result in baggy eyes, saggy skin, pale complexion, which certainly you cannot afford on your big day.

#3 You will be hungry, ALL THE TIME

When all you eat in a day is a fruit or so, your ghrelin (hunger-producing) hormone level is most likely to accelerate sharply, making you even more hungry which eventually lands you in a vicious cycle, besides, you will also have to deal with unpleasant rumbling in your stomach.

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#4 Your body will be fuel deprived

When you don’t give your body the nutrients it needs, it just leaves you feeling more irritable, lethargic and stressed and amidst the already exhausting deals of a wedding, you shouldn’t give your mental health more stress because hungry and happy bride never co-exist.

#5 You will regain all those pounds even faster

With the yo-yo diet effect, when you don’t provide adequate nutrition to your body for an extended period, it switches to starvation mode to conserve energy by restoring whatever nutrition is provided which is done by burning fewer calories which eventually leads to slowing down the metabolism. Once, you will go back to your normal diet routine, you will gain back everything faster than it took you to lose it.

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Now, that you know that there is no quick fix for weight-loss you should definitely throw crash dieting idea out of the window and if you are still fixated over losing weight, plan months ahead of our wedding date. But remember, happy brides are the prettiest and your boo like you the way you are!

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Why You Should NOT Consider A Crash Diet Before Your Wedding!

by Simran Keswani

Why You Should NOT Consider A Crash Diet Before Your Wedding!