When They Felt the Sparks Their Parents Arranged For: Real Life Wedding of Khushboo and Gaurav

Neha Garg, 13 Oct 2015

The good things in life are best with you <3

Every once in a while, we have a grand wedding with out-of-the-box elements and lavish décor. Khushboo and Gaurav’s wedding was one such event that we at Shaadisaga believe, could bring to you tons of inspiration for your own. Sit back, relax, and start reading as Khushboo reminisces her wedding and shares with us the details of the various events: Ours was an out-and-out Marwari wedding with festivities having begun almost 20 days before the wedding! My Roka took place at The Taj West End, Bangalore, and cocktail night were organized at RFC, Hyderabad. I was very clear about the functions from the start. For example, for the Mehendi, our event planner had different elements like the selfie corner with fun placards, photo booth, a sweet little swing for the couple and a dance floor for people to have fun dancing on Punjabi dhol and beats. The festivities ended with Pag Pakdai, the very next day after the wedding, where the bride would hold the legs of the married couples of the groom side for fun sake to get money, followed by games.

Roka Ceremony

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There’s hardly any room for breathing when you have so many festivities on a daily basis. However, both the bride and groom recall the one moment that made a place in their heart. Read up on: Khushboo: The bride entry and Varmala, hands down! All eyes were on us, and we both forgot that there are people around us. And, when he extended his hand out to help me get on the Varmala stage, I remember making eye contact with him with a smile! This happened again during the wedding rituals, when he put the Sindoor on my head. Gaurav: Before the wedding we were not supposed to see each other, but since we were staying in the same hotel, I arranged a meeting with the help of her close friends to meet me in the fire escape. Those few mins of spending time together was very special and I would never forget it.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

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The Proposal

A larger-than-life wedding such as theirs ought to have a lovely background story behind! Let’s take a look at how they got together in the first place. Khushboo reiterates: Ours was an arranged marriage. But I don’t believe that to be true. Our grandfathers knew each other for a long time. Like a regular arranged marriage scene, my father told me about Gaurav and I decided to meet him. A fun evening talking about ourselves to each other led to making us realize we could meet again for lunch the day after. We kept in touch through texts, calls for the next few days because we were supposed to give the decision to our parents. Then, as expected the pressure was building up on us to give the verdict. And now whatever I am going to tell next is something only close to family and friends know. (I recently learnt these things got leaked to our parents also :P). He got in touch with my best friend Alpha Baid, on facebook and told her he would be coming down to propose to me as a surprise. I clearly remember 31st July, 2014 was a bundh in Bangalore and Alpha told me that we were going out in the evening, so I made sure, rather she made sure I wore western formals to work that day. He landed with Alpha outside my office KPMG. I came down with another close friend of mine Sreejith to go for lunch and to my surprise, I saw him. I could not believe what I was seeing! I was so stunned that I could not move, or do anything. He drove and we went to Taj West End, where there was a private set up for the two of us with candles and a bottle of champagne. He had organized a 7 course meal for the lunch with the most beautiful set-up one could dream of! So Mr. Gaurav could not wait to pop the question in the end, and I could see him struggle with his hands in the pocket. And out of nowhere the ring was right there! As perplexed by the whole situation that I was in, I vividly remember screaming NoNonoooonoonoo when I saw the ring! And then came the magical question “Will you marry me?”  Excited beyond measure, I put my finger forward! Till date, this becomes our anniversary date, not the wedding one ;) Definitely the most important date for me in 2014!


Padla Ceremony

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Myara Ceremony

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Mehendi Function

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Khushboo on the Photographers, Sudha & Mukesh: What can I say about Sudha and Mukesh! I had come across them in my cousin’s wedding. My parents absolutely loved how effortlessly they were capturing the moments without even making anyone feel their presence. We exchanged numbers, and little did I know that in a few moments I would be getting engaged. The first person who came to my mind was pixelstory.in!! I clearly remember Sudha told me once that they don’t take up staged functions as part of their candid photography. But it was only because she was quite fond of my dad that she could not say no. So right from the Roka to pre-wedding shoot to my wedding in Hyderabad, we had pixelstory.in cover everything for us! To add on, these guys were phenomenal when it came to getting that comfort level with the bride and the groom. They were very co-operative and present at all important, as well as the small functions too. I clearly remember the first night at RFC, Mukesh was down with high fever, and Sudha covered the event that night but the next morning he was back in action! Hats off. Their pictures were eagerly awaited post wedding and when we saw them, it just took us back to those fun days again with a big grin on our faces!

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Sangeet & Engagement Function


Awh, don’t you just love fairytales? They wouldn’t stop gushing about each other! We asked them about the thing that made them fall in love with each other instantly: Khushboo: He has the ability to make me smile always, be it in any situation – happy or sad times! And he does that effortlessly. Gaurav: I loved that I could openly talk to her about anything without thinking twice and she supported me in my schemes to buy more time from our families to get to know each other better.

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The Photographer, Sudha & Mukesh on the bride, Khushboo: We met Khushboo and her parents last year at a wedding, and in no time we clicked.  That time we didn’t know, we will have the privilege of capturing her wedding day this soon. Khushboo is a mild, beautiful, caring and extremely pleasant soul. She is the one who trusts people with full heart. She gives full liberty to dream, experiment and create something magical. She's a daddy's girl, we feel so blessed to witness the lovely bond of a father-daughter. We wish her all happiness of the world.

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Jhol Pithi

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Their Most Special Day!

getting ready

Khushboo on her Makeup artist, Kiinjal Mehta: She did a fab job on my Engagement day, and the comfort level I shared with her was mind blowing! I did not want anything over-the-top, hence, she kept it really simple.

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And now, time for a few words of louvvveee...  Khushboo: Gaurav, is the best-best thing happened to me. I am so glad I waited for the right man to spend the rest of my life with. The best part about us is we still don’t feel we are married. I can communicate with him in the most effortless way and that is the best part about him. Gaurav: Before I met her, I always thought that my robotic nature was not made for love, but spending time with her changed all that and I am discovering a new side of me. Her loving and caring nature has me relating with every romantic cliché in the world. She brings out the fun and life in me with her smile and quirkiness.

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Khushboo on her Wedding Planner, Bling Mushrooms From the inception of our ideas to their bit of execution, I thoroughly enjoyed having them as my wedding planner. Their ability to manage the wedding over those 2-3 days without letting us know of any problems they faced during it, was the biggest highlight for us. Together with my uncle (mama), brother, and of course my father, they brought in every little detail of the dream marriage I was looking for. 

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Kiinjal on our bride, Khushboo She is an amazing person and has a beautiful soul. I really enjoyed doing makeup on her pretty face. She trusted me, and that made my job easier. I wish her a joyful future ahead!

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Pag Pakdai Ceremony

granddad Pagpakjhdai   Pagpakdai

Fun Games After The Wedding

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honeymoon 1   surprise honeymoon

This was a surprise for Khushboo on the vacation by Gaurav! A private Candle lit dinner on the beach. Looks Beautiful :)

And, lastly, a few parting words from the bride: I’d like to thank my parents, Mama, brother, Vikram, Karann, and of course, Gaurav! My awesome photographers – Sudha & Mukesh, Event planners – Pritie, Joushnah, Manisha, and most importantly, our friends to make this wedding a huge success. 


Photographer: Pixel Story.in

Engagement Makeup: Kiinjal Mehta

Wedding Venue: Ramoji Filmcity (RFC), Hyderabad

Wedding Planner: Bling Mushrooms

Bride Outfit details:

Sangeet: Dolly J, Delhi

Wedding: Rohit Bal

Groom Outfit details:

Wedding – Sherwani by Akash Lohani

Reception – Giorgio Armani suit

Shaadisaga wishes marriage fills their heart and life with immense love & happiness!