7 Weight Loss Myths every Bride-to-be should Stop Believing Right Now!

Anupriya Khanna, 27 Nov 2018

With only a month or two left in your wedding, preparations for getting that hourglass figure & cutting down on those extra kilos must be on full swing. After all, who doesn't wish to look the best version of them and flaunt a flat tummy on their big day?! However, for the sake of losing weight, a lot of brides often commit a few mistakes that rather end up bloating their stomach and ultimately affecting their health. One of which (in fact, a major one) is listening to anyone & everyone’s weight loss Gyan and following it without being sure how effective it is in reality.

To make sure you don’t end up putting all your efforts in vain, we’ve jotted down some common weight loss myths that you're sure to fall for. But it’s time, you stop believing them!

Weight-loss Myths Busted!

Myth 1: Omit carbs from your diet completely as they are bad for you

Carbs make for an imperative part of your diet. Ditching them completely from your diet can result in lower energy levels, higher health-related issues and most importantly, increased chances of weight gain. However, when you eat carbs in right quantities or pick the ones rich in fiber over the processed ones, reducing belly fat gets easier. So, include more and more carbs like sweet potatoes, oats, fruits, vegetables, multi-grain bread and quinoa in your meals. 

Myth 2: You can lose weight by eating less

Starving yourself because you believe it would help you cut down on a few inches? Well, that’s one of the biggest blunders you’re making. Eating inadequate or not taking proper diet is not doing any good to you. It would instead slow down your metabolism and make you feel lethargic & uneasy all the time. 

Myth 3: Say “No” to dairy products

Dairy products are a primary source of calcium and protein for a lot of people. And if you go on depriving your body of the same (in the name of losing weight), you might end up yourself with too many nutritional deficiencies for the long run. Also, it is said that avoiding dairy products don’t make much of a difference in your weight-loss diet, until and unless you are advised by a dietician or a doctor to do so for a specific reason.

Myth 4: No eating after 7 in the evening

Irrespective of what time of the day it is (even late night), you can very well eat without gaining those added kilos. However, be picky about what you include in your plate and how much you’re eating. Also, know whether you’ve done enough workout for the day to eat a snack before bedtime, without hampering your weight-loss regimen.

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Myth 5: Fat-free foods can help you reduce weight 

Most of you must be unaware of the fact that these fat-free foods you blindly rely on while you’re on our weight loss diet contain just as many calories as the fuller ones. Moreover, they hold sugar and other additives too. So, don’t just go by their name as they are equally fattening.

Myth 6: Supplements can help you lose weight

Anything that demands lesser efforts and gives quicker results has always tempted people the most. Same is the case here. There are so many people who religiously swear by supplements to lose weight and give up working out enough in the gym. Even though it does give them the desired result, but that doesn’t last for too long and also comes along with too many side effects at times.

Myth 7: You can eat anything and everything and still remain in shape if you are working out regularly

To get rid of that belly fat, your diet, and your work-out always has to go hand in hand. You can’t expect to make a huge difference to your body unless you’re dedicatedly working upon it, both in terms of following a strict workout routine and an even strict diet plan. So, eat healthily and work extra hard to flaunt that curvaceous body on your D-day.

Before you step up on any weight loss routine or start practicing weight loss measures be sure of taking proper consultancy from a good dietician or fitness instructor. They'll be able to guide you with healthy and effective ways to lose weight. Also, if you're planning to go on a crash diet, read our blog about why you shouldn't consider a crash diet before your wedding.


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