You know what, one of the best things about planning your at-home wedding is the shopping part. While going out to shop used to be a fun deal before, now it's most likely a gamble of safety and taking chances. So, we all know very well that you'd rather sit in the comfort of your home and order as much as you can at the right prices and the right quality. Though it may sound weird, planning an intimate wedding is an absolute blast!

There's a lot of chaos (the fun kind) and fun that entails intimate wedding planning. Some may find it hectic, considering you have to do all the work yourself. But then again, who doesn't enjoy online shopping for decorating their home for wedding functions? So, to make the whole process a little bit easier for you, we've compiled a list of all the wedding elements that you can buy online on Amazon without spending way too much time, money or energy from the comfort of your home!

17 Amazing Wedding Elements You Can Buy Online


Of course, every wedding needs fairylights! Even an intimate one. So, we suggest you go to Amazon and pick out a bunch of them at seemingly the lowest possible rates without any fuss or muss. Plus, the website has tons of options to choose from- from various colours to warm white, bright white, multicoloured- the options are endless. 

Price: Rs 489

Buy Here: 30M 150 LED Rice String Lights

Artificial Flowers

During the lockdown and the ongoing pandemic, the one thing everybody learnt was that flowers are the first essential item that goes out of stock during a crisis. So yeah, for a small wedding, buying artificial flowers is not entirely a bad idea. You can easily get various options- marigold flowers, multicoloured ones, etc. 

Price: Rs 295 and above

Buy Here: Phool Mala Artificial

LED Sign Lights

Having neon light sings at your intimate wedding is a truly awesome gesture. From specific wedding-related signs to the most generic ones spelling love that can be reused in the future, you can find anything here. 

Price: Rs 629 and above

Buy Here: Neon Love LED Light Sign Art

Terrarium Glass Cone

Glass terrariums are always a great addition to wedding decor. You can hang them, use them as table centres or even candle holders- the applications are endless. 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Price: Rs 800 and above

Buy Here: Tower Terrarium; Hanging Glass Terrarium

Pocket Hand Sanitisers

You need hand sanitisers at weddings for everyone that's attending and yourself of course. And while having big bottles around the venue is a good option, having pocket-sized sanitisers is a good option as well. 

Source Amazon

Price: Rs 700 and above

Buy Here: Palmist Multi-Purpose Sanitizer

Wedding Quote Boards

There's nothing like having fun marriage quotes at a wedding. These hanging quote boards give you an option to add that much-needed zest to the occasion!

Price: Rs 399 and above

Buy Here: Love Quote Wall Hanging ​​​​​​Wall Hanging Decoration

Photobooth Props

You should definitely have a DIY photobooth at your intimate wedding to spice up the events. They add the right touch of frolic to the event and makes your wedding photographs memorable. 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Price: Rs 180 and above. 

Buy Here: Photo Booth Props; Multipurpose Props

Wonderful Wedding Badges

Add a few props to yourself as well, with wedding brigade badges. You can also buy a few for a pre-wedding bachelorette party!

Source Amazon

Price: Rs 500 and above (for sets)

Buy Here: Ladkewale Badges; Ladkiwale Badges; Bride Squad Badges

Mr. & Mrs Balloon Sets

Well, of course, you need something to announce that you're now married! So, get yourself a Mr and Mrs Balloon Set.

Source Amazon

Price: Rs 370

Buy Here: Mr & Mrs Balloon Sets

LED Balloons

If you're planning an after-party at your place after the wedding, we suggest you get yourself some amazing LED balloons. Or just get to decorate the heck out of your venue for your wedding ceremony! It's your choice. 

Source Pinterest

Price: Rs 299

Buy Here: LED Balloons

Dreamcatchers For Decor

For your intimate mehendi (or haldi) ceremony, we suggest you get yourselves some amazing dreamcatchers to decorate the space. They'll add a boho touch to your ceremony which is something that no one doesn't like. 

Price: Rs 699

Buy Here: Dreamcatcher Combo

Pillar Candles

If you're looking to add scented candles to add to your decor ensemble, then choose pillar candles. They do not require stands or extra things around them for support. All you need is to keep them in desired spaces and light 'em up!

Price: Rs 299 & Rs 349

Buy Here: Scented Pillar Candles(Blue); Scented Pillar Candles(Light Blue)

Hanging Glass Orbs

Glass orbs can be extremely useful to hang around tree branches and other areas to decorate the venue. You can use them to hang real flowers, or create terrariums with succulents and stones then hang them with colourful threads. 

Price: Rs 245 (per piece)

Buy Here:  Glass Flower Vase

Tassels For Decor

We all love tassels, don't we now? From using them as ceiling decor to using them in other areas, or even adding them to your outfit, the use of tassels is versatile.

Price: Rs 150 and above

Buy Here: Multicoloured Tassels Combo Pack; Tri-colour Tassels 

Kites For A Pretty Backdrop

Kites make for great decor elements when not being flown by us for fun! So, adding multicoloured kites to your decor is surely a great option. 

Price: Rs 550

Buy Here: Multicoloured Kites Set

Rajasthani Embroidery Umbrella 

Now, you've seen these at many mehendi ceremonies in the pictures! So, why not recreate them for your intimate mehendi. 

Price: Rs 299

Buy Here: Cotton Handmade Umbrella

Pretty Birdcages 

Who doesn't love a nice birdcage for decor? Hang them, set them up on a corner table, or embellish your photo booth corner with them! They're just beautiful. 

Price: Rs 1200 and above

Buy Here: Birdcages White; Copper Birdcages


Have any more elements you think can be bought online for your wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments!

17 Wedding Elements You Can Buy Online For Your At-Home Wedding

by Shivani Singh

17 Wedding Elements You Can Buy Online For Your At-Home Wedding