10 Unwanted "log kya kahenge" Wedding Advice you must Totally Ignore!

Divya Arora, 10 Mar 2019

Your wedding dates getting finalized is the time when you actually set out on the overwhelming, exciting and emotional journey of your wedding madness. Right from nerve-racking preparations and an exciting shopping spree to loads of vendor meetings, outfit trial runs and parlour sessions, there's a lot to be done during this phase. Not to forget how this phase is marked with overflowing emotions and hearty moments spent with your parents and family.

What tags along in this period though, are the wedding related bits of advice that you and your family would be bombarded with. Be it your relatives or your next-door typical Indian aunty, all of them would be having some valuable and some utter blabbers in store for you. Yes, that valuable advice is for keeps but, some advice is absolutely unnecessary and you should outrightly ignore them. There's already too much happening for you to take that extra load afterall.

Considering that, down here we tell you some of the craziest wedding advice that you must ignore to enjoy this phase of your life to the fullest without being dragged down by these unwanted expectations and advice.

Unwanted "chaar log kya kahenge" Wedding Advice You Must Ignore

1. Brides shouldn't wear outfits that are too revealing

Well, as brides it is expected out of us women to not choose our wedding outfits with backless designs or have broad & fancy necklines or the dresses mustn't show a lot of skin. Ladies, it's time we start putting this advice under the rug and wear what our hearts desire. As long as you're comfortable slipping into those sexy bridal outfits, go flaunt your gorgeous backs or your curves making up for an unconventional and super stylish bride.

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2. The sagan and gifts you got to give to your relatives & others

The wedding gifts and sagan that you gift to your relatives and other people should absolutely be your choice and is basically nobody else's concern. It should totally depend on your budget and not what others think or expect cuz the ones happy for you would enjoy your wedding without any expectations. Let those "chaar log" be.

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3. Being a bride-to-be "you must lose weight"

Being bombed with "weight lose karle shaadi se pehle" advice is one of the most annoying wedding advice you must ignore. Of course staying fit and healthy is a must for everybody but frankly, we'd lose our weight if we want to and when we want to. We love how we look and people who genuinely love us, do not mind our weight and neither should any third person be so concerned about it.

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4. Advice on who all you should invite

This one helluva "duniyadari" advice is the one you really shouldn't bat an eyelid at! Inviting someone just for the sake of returning the favour or you just know or because somebody else asked you to is a strict no-no! Prepare your wedding guests list by keeping your budget in mind and a clear thought about who all you really want to be a part of your wedding.

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5. A bride should wear red lehenga and most definitely avoid ivory, grey, blue, black etc.

This one unwanted wedding advice is what makes all the brides-to-be blurt out in unison, "like, seriously?!"; and most definitely wedding advice you must ignore. Of course, red lehengas breathe tradition and so many brides are choosing red bridal lehengas but, why claim it a mandatory? In this era of new-age experiments in bridal outfits, questioning lehenga colour choices is a passe now. Be it reds, pastel hues or darker shades, everything's ruling bridal outfit colours and ever so flamboyantly. The best way to ignore unwanted wedding advice is by bluntly choosing to shine in grey hues or look ethereal in ivories or impress in greens and blues.

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6. Brides should be all sophisticated & shy at their wedding

Now that surely makes us women go "are you freakin' kiddin' me?" Well, if this piece of advice means no booze and no dancing like maniacs at our own wedding then sorry, we're not sorry. Ladies, be that ultimate bridechilla you've always dreamt of being on your wedding. Be all out there and enjoy your wedding to the fullest! It's that simple!

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7. Both the families splitting the wedding budget equally is too modern & a no-no!

In today's' times, it's no big deal if the two families agree to take up the monetary wedding responsibilities equally instead of going about it ceremony-wise. The say is totally your families' in this and your decisions shouldn't be influenced by how things have been happening from decades now. This undoubtedly kinda tops the "unwanted wedding advice you must ignore" list.

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8. For all that sho-sha & shaan you got to have a fancy wedding

Oh boy, this one "log kya kahenge" advice is one that you or anybody for that matter most definitely don't need. It's your wedding and only you two and your families get to decide what type of wedding you want to host. Break free from this societal pressure and choose the kind of wedding that you want to have and can afford without any stress. Period.

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9. Have an expansive food & dessert spread

Your food spread is yet another aspect that depends entirely on your budget and your choices. As long as the food is delectable it doesn't really matter if you have the world's cuisines on the menu or just your basic ones. Because at the end of the day, there's always going to be someone saying, "khaane me variety kam thi."

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10. The wedding night tales

Well, it's cool and almost inevitable as long as it's all fun and humorous banter but, the moment it starts turning into a serious counselling session, RUN! Now, you wouldn't want to listen to 'em aunties and uncles talk about their first night tales, right?

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Let us know in the comments if you've come across any wedding advice which was just stupid.