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We spotted 18 Brides wearing soft, dewy Makeup on the Wedding Day (Pretty post alert!)

Divya Arora, 02 Jul 2018

A nude makeup look is almost every woman’s favorite and they swear by its gorgeousness! Having said that, spotting brides wearing minimal makeup on their wedding is not an alien concept!

Choosing a lighter palette and neutral shades to amp up their natural beauty and enhance it flawlessly is what many women fancy. Topped with a tad bit of highlighter for that dewy and refreshed look, one can do wonders on their wedding day.

This subtle yet super glam look is universally flattering and it had us majorly crushing when Anushka Sharma and Neha Dhupia sported it on their big days.

Are you someone who might (or definitely) go for a nude and dewy makeup on your wedding day? Check out these real brides for some inspiration who wore this look and looked every bit stunning!

Source Rabia
Source Sheeny Kaul
Source Rabia
Source Rabia
Source Rabia

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