Brides, if you want to make a dashing bridal entry on your big day, your phoolon ki chaadar should be the last thing you compromise on. Even though your decorator can very well take charge of that & get you the best phoolon ki chaadar, but in case you want to add some personal touch to it, how about you make one on your own (or assign the task to your BFFs or siblings)? Plus, why slurge those bucks on a phoolon ki chaadar when you can very well DIY this wedding element at home, that to with all the elements you love the most. Be it dreamcatchers, kaleeras, pompoms or even tassles, go ahead and beautify your phoolon ki chaadar with whatever you wish.

Wondering how? We’ve got some super easy DIY hacks for all you budget brides. Try these at home and get your dream phoolon ki chaadar in no time. (We're sure you won't be done thanking us after reading these.)

Best DIY Ideas for your Phoolon ki Chaadar

1. Turn your mommy's bridal chunni into your phoolon ki chaadar

Our mommies have been big-time hoarders of all things pretty, even some really stunning dupattas. So why not make the best use of them here?

  • Just pick one of your favorites from her collection or maybe her bridal chunni.
  • Get a few additions & subtractions done.
  • And voila, you've got your phoolon ki chaadar ready.

2. Adorn your dupatta with Kaleeras

You can even turn an ordinary dupatta into a beautiful looking phoolon ki chaadar by adding some bling-y elements like kaleeras to it. To make it, all you’ve gotta do is:

  • Take a dupatta of your choice and some fancy kaleeras & laces from a local market.
  • Cover the boundaries of the dupatta with laces with the help of a glue gun and let it dry for 15-20 minutes.
  • Once dried, tie kaleeras all over the dupatta in a scattered manner. In case you don’t want to go overboard, you can restrict to tying only a few on the edges.

Instead of kaleeras you can also use colorful tassels hangings for your phoolon ki chaadar.


3. Add some LED lights to your phoolon ki chaadar

While phoolon ki chaadars with kaleera adornments are undoubtedly pretty, but the ones with ravishing LED light decorations are in these days. Here’s how you can create one for yourself:

  • Buy a roll of battery-operated led lights from a local market.
  • Glue them to a semi-sheer dupatta (preferably red, pink or golden in color)
  • Turn on the batteries and go make a LIT entry on your big day .

4. Let umbrellas do something different

Brides no more shy away from experimenting these days and have been incorporating unique and easily DIY-able umbrella phoolon ki chaadars in their bridal entries. If you wish DIY one for yourself, follow these simple steps:

  • Buy an umbrella of a color which coordinates with the decor and outfits.
  • Decorate its scallops with elegant laces, flowers, tassels or even kaleeras and you’re done!

If you don’t want to put in a lot of efforts, you can even buy a beautiful lace parasol from Amazon or maybe get it done from Floral Art Mumbai, who is a pro at making floral jewellery and beautify decor elements.


5. Incorporate colorful pompoms in your chaadar

Source Pinterest

To add that cutesy element in your phoolon ki chaadar all you need is add some fluffy and vibrant pompoms. They not only add a pop of colour to your otherwise boring phoolon ki chaadar but also infuses some WOW factor to your bridal entry. Know how you can incorporate them in your chaadar:

  • Get colorful pompoms from a local boutique.
  • Sew them in threads and create multiple strands.
  • Take an old cot (one that is lighter in weight) and weave it with these pompom strands in a criss-cross pattern.

If not that, you can even tie huge pompom hangings in the front, just like this one.

Or maybe beautify it even more by including some dainty pearls or beads in your wedding phoolon ki chaadar.


6. The typical phoolon ki chaadar with a twist

Get your creative side on the table and DIY your floral chaadar at home.

  • Reach out your nearby florist and buy 20-30 Mogra/Rajnigandha strands (with a few that have roses attached on the edges).
  • Make a web out of these strands and weave them on an old cot or a rectangular frame made of wood or net.
  • Hang a few strands (the ones with roses) in the web and it’s complete.

To enhance its look, you can hang some kaleeras or those shiny Christmas balls to it.

And even some Malmal Pankhis or Gota hangings on the boundaries of your chaadar. They look fancy AF!


7. Use origami cranes for a legit DIY!

Remember those art & craft workshops you attended in school? Well, it’s time you go back to those grade four teachings and relearn how to make origami cranes to incorporate them in your chaadar just how you see in the picture above!


8. Prettify with bohemian dream catchers (Our personal FAV)

Ever thought that you could use dream catchers in your phoolon ki chaadar too? Just tie these feathery beauties to your usual phoolon ki chaadar and get your guests gazing in awe.

  • Buy about 8-10 dream catchers online from an Instagram store or Amazon. 
  • Hang them to the base of your phoolon ki chaadar along with some flower stands and tassles & voila!

Which DIY idea are you bookmarking for your phoolon ki chaadar? Tell us in the comments.

Want a Personalized Phoolon ki Chaadar? Here are some DIY Ideas

by Anupriya Khanna

Want a Personalized Phoolon ki Chaadar? Here are some DIY Ideas