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5 Vitamins that will Help You Get Gleaming & Healthy Bridal Glow

Medha Chawla, 13 Apr 2019

To look like a diva at your wedding, you obviously gotta prep like one! Whether it is the back to back shopping sprees, pre-bridal salon session to juggling between the fitness routines and hunger pangs, you have to be on your toes all the time so as to look like a totes stunner for your wedding. But above all, it is your skin that deserves your maximum attention. To look the best version of yourself at your wedding, your skin needs to glow inside out. In other words, it must radiate with the natural bridal glow. And that's only possible if you eat right! Never underestimate the power of what's on your plate. No matter how heftily you splurge on expensive skincare treatments until you eat well and consume adequate vitamin-rich foods, all your monetary efforts are likely to go in vain. 

To protect you from that unpleasant scenario, here we enlist 5 best vitamins and their benefits that you must consume regularly and in appropriate proportions to get that bridal glow. Of all the nutrients and vitamins, the ones mentioned below are scientifically proven to benefit skin in multiple ways. In fact, deficiency of these vitamins is often the key reason behind dull, dry and unhealthy skin. So, trust on these best vitamins to get the bridal glow and shine on like a star that you are.

5 Vitamins & their Benefits to Get Bridal Glow

1. Vitamin C to 'Get the Glow'

Enough intake of Vitamin C is of utmost importance for healthy glowing skin. Mainly found in citrus fruits, Vitamin C contains strong antioxidant properties which keeps the skin fresh and fights skin ordeals like pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles and acne. It further promotes collagen production in the skin to prevent ageing.

Best sources of Vitamin C: Citrus fruits like orange, lemon and berries, Bell peppers, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Guavas and Spinach.

2. Vitamin E to 'Nourish the Skin'

Rightly called as the 'beauty vitamin', Vitamin E is an ultimate food for the skin. It is an antioxidant that naturally hydrates and deeply moisturises the skin. It should be your go-to nutrient if you have dry skin. Not just that, it also protects skin damage caused by pollution, free radicals, stress and smoking. You can directly massage dry skin areas with Vitamin E capsules and olive oil to witness results. But if your skin is not extremely dry, you can load up on Vitamin E-rich foods.

Best sources of Vitamin E: Fish, Avacoados, Olives, Spinach, Papaya, Nuts and Kale.

3. Vitamin A is the 'Essential food for Skin'

Deficiency of Vitamin A causes severe acne and skin ageing. Hence, brides nearing their wedding must consume loads of Vitamin A rich foods. It contains anti-aging properties and boosts collagen to give you a shiny-supple skin. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Dermatologists prescribe the famous Retinol creams/tablets which is a popular quick fix to deal with severe acne and ageing skin issues. But retinol comes with its own set of harsh side-effects. But the good news is, retinol is nothing but a derivative of vitamin A. Instead of splurging on expensive and harsh Retinol creams, increase the intake of Vitamin A to look like a diva on your wedding.

Best sources of Vitamin A: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Bell Peppers, Spinach, Cod liver oil, Tomato, Green leafy vegetable and Mango

4. Vitamin K to 'Improve Skin Texture'

Another essential vitamin to help you get the bridal glow is Vitamin K. It is best known for healing the bruises and scars. Moreover, it is one of the most effective alternatives to bid bye to unwanted dark circles. Enough intake of vitamin K improves skin texture and even the skin tone. 

Best sources of Vitamin K: Cabbage, Lettuce, Kale, Cauliflower, Cereals, Broccoli and Turnip Greens

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5. Vitamin H for 'Collagen Production'

Also known as Vitamin B7 or Biotin, it is not only crucial for faster growth of nails and hair, but for your skin's health as well. Vitamin H helps skin retain moisture and treats the dry, irritated skin. It boosts collagen production that is imperative to have younger-looking skin.

Best sources of Biotin/Vitamin H: Salmon, Banana, Papaya, Egg yolk, Cauliflower and Sweet Potato

DISCLAIMER: Do not consume foods that you're allergic to, like bananas, fish, lemon, eggs, etc.


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