Ever since the pandemic has been in existence, it has been super tough to be able to do anything which otherwise would have been a piece of cake to do. That’s why we can totally understand if you’re having trouble finding the right location where you can tie the knot with the love of your life. Getting hitched and doing it safely has somehow become a huge task. So, if you’re unable to find a dreamy location for your upcoming winter wedding, we say that you no longer have to worry cuz we might have found a few options for you, ladies. Some of the options are dreamy while some simply match your personality the best but you will be able to find a location by the end of this blog, we promise! 

Winter Wedding Venues

Pick Your Backyard For The Wedding

If for some reason, you’ve always found your backyard to be a magical place or have gotten very positive and calming vibes there, we say that you should have your winter wedding here. You’ll be tying the knot in a place you’re familiar with and you will be absolutely comfortable. Also, let’s not forget that you get to tweak the place as and how you like without having to confirm from anyone else. Isn’t that exciting?

Book That Banquet or Hotel Hall!

We know its still a tad early to go all out and book the dream locations but if you want to book a banquet hall or hotel area then you should cuz social distancing is gonna be super easy here. The number of people has significantly reduced for anyone and in such a big area, you can easily have all the other dreamy elements that you’ve always wanted for your winter wedding, ladies. Just imagine how huge your mandap can be! 

Get Married In the One Place You Hold Dear

Guys if you’ve set your heart on having an intimate winter wedding then we think the best place to do it would be at your childhood home. You’ve grown up making a plethora of memories in that house so why not make the most special day a part of it? Have DIY decor, minimal decor and a mandap in your living room. We promise, it will turn out so great that you’d be ecstatic about this decision later on. And if you’re still perplexed, we say you simply scroll below and take inspo from these real weddings at childhood homes!

How Bout A Farm Winter Wedding?

For many women, winter weddings are impossible to imagine if not held on a farm and for all the right reasons. After all, where else will one get to actually enjoy the chilly breeze than on a farm? And in terms of maintaining the safety precautions and doing social distancing, a winter wedding on a farm seems like a match made in heaven guys. We say you look no further!

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So which venue are you finalising for your winter wedding? Do tell us in the comments below!

Bookmark All These Venue Ideas To Host Your Winter Weddings In 2020!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Bookmark All These Venue Ideas To Host Your Winter Weddings In 2020!