9 Silly & Unreasonable Fitness Myths Every Bride Must Put to Rest

Anupriya Khanna, 11 Oct 2019

Are you a to-be bride who has just begun with her fitness routine? Well, then we can relate to how challenging everything must be for you! From maintaining a strict balanced diet to struggling with the new, vigorous fitness routine to dealing with the post-workout soreness, it takes a lot to cut down those extra kilos & slip into your fit version on your wedding day.

And because you are the most vulnerable at this time, you fall prey to some of those silly & unjustifiable fitness theories that your fitness instructors or closed ones spill you with. But to ensure that you don’t, we’ve got you covered! Down here we’ve listed some of the most common yet easily ignored bridal fitness myths that a lot of brides swear by. Take note & make sure you don’t fall for any of these.

Bridal Fitness Myths Debunked!

Myth 1: Your Protein intake should be more when working out

It’s true that you need to consume sufficient protein in order to build muscle. But that certainly doesn’t mean you go on stuffing your body with those protein powders just because your fitness trainer insists you to. Excessive protein consumption can cause serious heart problems. In fact, even animal protein has higher contents of saturated fats, which in case fed to your body in great amounts can even hamper the proper functioning of your liver & kidneys. So, always consult a doctor before following any such routine.

Myth 2: You can eat whatever you want if you’re following a fitness regimen

If you thought you could binge-eat all those cheesy pizzas, burgers & cakes yet stay healthy, since you are exercising regularly, you’re mistaken. This might show you positive results for some time but not for a longer run. You have to give up on unhealthy eating even when you’re exercising daily to be as healthy on the inside as you’re on the outside. 

Myth 3: Strength Training will turn you bulky

Who says strength training can cause you to bulk-up?  It’s one of the biggest fitness myths. A lot of women give up strength training simply because they feel it will result in making them appear heavier & manly, which is so not true. The truth is that women have lower levels of testosterone (in comparison to men) and they can’t bulk up like guys.

The only way they can achieve such a body is by using steroids along with lifting heavy. That’s what most female bodybuilders do! But you’ve gotta steer clear of that and only concentrate on not giving up on strength training. It will definitely help you tone your muscles better and get in shape, without looking masculine.

Myth 4: You should train in the morning to get better results

There’s no such rule that says working out in the morning yields you better & faster results. Irrespective of whether you are a morning person or someone who likes to work out in the evening, it doesn’t really matter what time of the day you choose to workout, till the time you are consistent. The only thing that matters is how regular you are with your fitness routine. It should be your topmost priority.

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Myth 5: Cardio is the only way to burn maximum calories

Cardio, when incorporated in your workout routine in small amounts, can help you get rid of those extra kilos easily. However if overdone, it burns away both fat and muscle. Which is why it is always better to club it with a bit of strength training and a healthy diet. Strength training triggers larger muscle groups at once, increasing the effectiveness of your workout as well as your chances of burning calories faster. So, don’t just spend hours and hours running on that treadmill and get started with some weight training as well.

Myth 6: Spot fat loss

What’s that first thing your fitness trainer asks when you start with your workout routine? They enquire about your key area of concern say legs, chest or belly and then formulate a workout that concentrates fat loss of only that particular spot. But that’s not how it works! Fat loss happens in your overall body. You can’t simply go on targeting any one part of your body over and over. Doing so will only rid you of any positive change and further affect your joints.

Myth 7: If you have a great body you have great fitness

No! Those who have great physique & good-looking bodies may not necessarily have great fitness levels. So, don’t just go by what you see. Your goal should be to work upon your overall health & fitness and the rest will follow. 

Myth 8: Best workout is on an empty stomach 

Exercising on an empty stomach does no help and rather makes you feel exerted all the time. The point is that when you train you require energy, which your body can only get from food. So if you’ll train on an empty stomach, you’ll get fatigued very easily since you won’t have enough energy to continue with such robust training. Which is why it is always suggested to eat something before you hit the gym. However, you should always stick to foods that are rich in carbohydrates & protein and avoid heavy meals pre-workout. 

Myth 9: If you can’t feel the pain, you are not working out enough

When you work out, it’s completely okay to feel soreness a day or two after you’ve trained your body. However, this pain is completely different from the one you feel while working out. Don’t mistake the two as same because no physical exercise should hurt you while you’re at it. If it still does, you should ask your fitness instructor if you’re doing it correctly or stop for some time and start all over again to check if it gets better. If it continues, you can consult a doctor immediately. 


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