Have you ever come across a wedding cake where the bride-to-be is made to the T? Well, we have just found this GORGEOUS bridal cake on Instagram that is going crazy among brides. Adorned with edible roses this two-tier truffle cake has a beautiful bride figurine that is perfectly handpainted and crafted with colourful edible sugar stones, confetti and sugar sprinkles. What made us go insane with this cake were the bridal jewellery stones, which looked like real jewels and done so flawlessly by Baketown Crush. 

From edible pearl stones to emerald pieces this unique bride-to-be cake is worth trying at your upcoming intimate wedding. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to look at the intricacies and try something new this wedding season! 👰🎂

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Got inspired by a Russian cake artist who is pro at hand-painting Indian bridal cakes, Baketown Crush wanted to do something similar with her wedding cakes. "I always had her hand-painted Indian bridal cake designs in my mind for the last two years and this time I wanted to try it myself and give a unique touch added with vibrant colours just as how Indian weddings are," said Baketown Crush. 

Going from baking the cake to decorating it so beautifully, Baketown Crush took two days to complete this GORG bride-to-be cake, which is literally going crazy on Instagram. When we zoomed in to check out the intricate details on the cake we found out that every embellishment on the cake was edible (Yes, you read that right!), which was done to the T. 😍

Whether it was the red dupatta with edible golden lace, pearl embellished blouse design, handpainted face or those dazzling jewels that took our heart away. This unique bridal cake has surely created a #NewTrendInTown as far as the wedding cake designs are concerned. 

Talking about the cake structure this two-tier truffle cake with caramel filling and caramel crunch does not only sound delicious but looks so bridal for the wedding day. Adorned with edible roses this fancy looking bridal cake was decked up beautifully in shades of red and maroon for the Indian bride. 

Oh! And, now coming to our FAV part - the bridal jewellery. For jewellery, the cake artist used colourful edible sugar stones, confetti and sugar sprinkles for making the jewellery pieces. From pearl jhumkas to pearl bridal nath, and colourful maangtikka to emerald and pearl choker - this bridal cake is nothing less than a beauty. Baketown Crush further added, "To assemble the bridal jewellery stones it took me the whole night. Initially, it was a challenge to pick one stone by stone and hold it in the place until it dries but I am happy that all the hard work came so perfectly." 


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A Unique Bridal Cake That We Have Never Seen Before!

by Chandni Kumar

A Unique Bridal Cake That We Have Never Seen Before!