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Unconventional Photo Ideas To Capture Your Perfect Bridal Room Stories

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 12 Dec 2017

Whether an obsessive bride to be or a not so much one-Why only take cliché photos during your make up sessions? The ones while your makeup artist gets you ready for the day or when you shyly look at your reflection in the mirror.

Go out of the bounds and create some fun and unforgettable moments to cherish for a lifetime! Because, after all-it’s your day and you ought to make it the most beautiful one!

1. Grab a smile while you help your relatives get ready!

2. That swagger pose never gets out of vogue!

3. Let the frame speak for itself. Go aww-dorable!

3. The breathtaking silhouette!?

4. Shower all the prettiness with a double exposure shot!

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5. Click-a-click with your happy squad!

6. EEEE! Because being a bride isn’t a cake walk!