22+ Quirky & Trending Wedding Badges you Cannot give a Miss!

Medha Chawla, 05 Feb 2019

In the times when Indian weddings are all about adding personalized touches, you should definitely not miss out on wedding badges! We are sure you must have seen the trending 'Ladkiwaale' and 'Ladkewaale' pin badges at many weddings or on your Instagram feeds, but mind you, the world of Indian wedding badges is not restricted to them. In fact, it is way more vast and quirkier than you thought. Right from the famous 'Bride Tribe and Groom Squad' brooches to the personalized ones for the couple's parents, there are so many new and funny badges available that you can use to quirk up your own wedding.

The thing with wedding badges is that they instantly uplift the fun vibes and instill the hearty elements of personalization to the weddings. And come on, who wouldn't want to flaunt the close association with the bride or groom by wearing these badges! Your guests can even take them back as the memorable souvenirs of your fun-filled weddings. The brides are grooms are also using them as unique props to flaunt their to-be-wed status, and we totally heart this trend.

The essence of your wedding lies in the tiniest of details and that's why we bring you these best wedding badges that are sure to woo everyone's heart.

Trendiest Designs for Wedding Badges

Pink & Black printed wedding badges for the couple and the bride's squad

For the ones who will all the time be spotted at the bar

Specially curated wedding badges for the bride's immediate family members

Being a 'Baraati' is truly a status quo to show off! :P

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For a sassy bride!

Oh-so-pretty and cute wedding badges for the bride's team

Some more cutesy (and sassy) options for bridesmaids

The groom's men should't be behind either

Take the personalisation a level above by having unique & quirky badges for your close ones

Here are some personalised wedding badges with the bride and grooms names etched on them

The classy badges in white!

The perfect kinda badges when you want to highlight your wedding hashtag!

And here are some legit 'Ladkewaale and Ladkiwaale' badges in different variety

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