#Trending: Brides are wearing Customized Shoes with the Cutest detailing ever!

Deeksha Anand, 22 Jun 2018

Having been utterly conscious about every petty detail of their wedding, brides today have created some serious bridal trends. Talk about dancing their heart out in the bridal room or get their wedding hashtag tailored on their lehenga, there's no space left untouched.

Another such trend that's been followed lately is to have a dainty detail added to the Bridal shoes as well. Yes, you heard that right! You can too turn your wedding into a fairytale and have your Cinderella moment by wearing shoes with personalized messages engraved on the bottom.

As they say, 'Give a girl the right shoes and see her conquer the world', so how can one ignore to emphasize on those dreamy wedding shoes?

And guess what follows? A beautiful wedding shoot with unique photographs of your bridal footwear which is generally ignored.

Fashion Diva Sonam Kapoor also couldn’t resist herself from following this trend. How cute are these Jimmy Choo’s made-to-order with ‘A♡S’ initials on the sole!

Here are some shoes we spotted with the cutest messages!

What could be better than a simple “I do”? These two words can surely change your life, and now your shoes too ;)

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Make your wedding shoes historic. Get your wedding date printed and let the world know what a wholehearted bride you are!

Source Jimmy Choo
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Announce to the world, how happy you are! Now, let your shoes do the talking.

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A beautiful message from your partner now needs no card or note. The message will be short but will always stay close to you.

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Well, how can we let the groom feel neglected? The trend does justice to him too.

The trend might seem unreasonable, but making your wedding extra special needs no explanation. The bride and groom deserve every hint of personalized touch to recollect beautiful memories later in life. 

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What would be your kind of detailing to your bridal shoes?