It’s extremely important to embrace your tradition and culture in one way or another on your wedding day. While people from North India do it in the form of donning a chooda or following a certain ceremony, people belonging to the Southern part of India have their own set of cultures and traditions. That’s why today we decided to highlight that one specific culture or practice that the Tamilian brides religiously follow. Yes, we are talking about the traditional yet unique andal kondai hairstyle. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this hairstyle, this hairdo has a small bun to the side of the braid which is the Kondai and Andal is a goddess worshipped by this community so every bride is treated as goddess Andal due to this hairdo. This hairdo is so unique and special that we couldn’t help but feature real brides who have looked exceptional in this hairstyle on their wedding day. Simply scroll below to get wowed by these ladies!

Trending Traditional Tamil Iyengar Hairstyles

Andal Kondai Wrapped in Flowers

No matter what culture or tradition you follow, nobody is going to be resistant to flowers when it comes to their wedding day. After all, don’t flowers just make everything somehow better? We think they do and that’s why we are absolutely in love with these real brides who managed to add flowers to their andal kondai hairdo. These flowers are adding that beautiful floral touch that a bride needs on her wedding day. 

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Smaller Andal Kondai Hairdos!

While we witnessed brides who put flowers on their traditional Tamil hairdos, we also came across those brides who picked smaller versions of this hairstyle for their wedding day. These brides also ensured that their hairdo also consisted of some elements of gold or silver in them. If you want to embrace your culture but do it subtly then this is the perfect hairdo option for you!

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Embellished Andal Kondai Hairdos

One of the things which many brides cannot resist on their wedding day has to be embellishments whether we talk about wedding outfits or hairdos. When we first saw brides in embellished andal kondai hairstyles, we were head over heels for their look. These brides are giving such a regal look that you too would want to go for this hairstyle for your wedding day!

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Traditional Tamil Iyengar Hairstyles AKA Andal Kondai We Spotted Brides In!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Traditional Tamil Iyengar Hairstyles AKA Andal Kondai We Spotted Brides In!