Random & Funny Thoughts Every Groom Has on His Wedding Day

Anupriya Khanna, 19 May 2019

As much as it's exciting & nerve-wracking for a bride to bid adieu to her home & family and embark on this new journey of marital bliss, it's equally jittery & rousing for a groom to spend the rest of his life with his special someone. And why not? After all, the decision of getting married does bring along a mix-platter of emotions for the grooms as well. There is a feeling of excitement, cheerfulness & delight but also a sense of fear, anxiety & nervousness. Especially when it's the D-day, zillions of thoughts run through their minds until it's all done and dusted. Whether it's as trivial of thought as 'Am I looking good?', 'Does this safa match with the sherwani?' or 'Will she accept me in this avatar?' or something significantly serious like 'Will I be able to make a great husband?', there are all sorts of thoughts that keep crossing a groom's mind on the D-day. So, to get every to-be groom all prepped up for a turmoil of emotions that is awaiting ahead, we've curated this blog.

While we've pretty much summed up and shared some of the crazy thoughts that a bride has on her big day, let's pay some attention to the grooms this time. Down here we've listed some bizarre & random thoughts every groom has on his wedding day. Scroll down and check for yourself!

Thoughts Every Groom has on his Wedding Day

1. Phew! So, it's finally happening!

The moment you kickstart your wedding rituals, you're gonna be engulfed by this thought! After months of planning and days of waiting, the day has finally arrived!

2. Wasn't it only yesterday when we got engaged?

For a few seconds, it'll be hard to digest that the big day has finally arrived and that you're only a few hours away from being single to get taken away forever. 

3. This room is no more going to be mine

Take a glimpse of your messed up room with those clothes all piled up on the chair one last time! This is soon going to change.

4. Is that really my girl? *Omg! Omg! Omg!*

That moment when you first lay your eyes on her, all dressed up as a bride, and instantly get smitten by her bridal glory! So much so, that it gets hard for you to take your eyes off her!

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5. Am I looking fine?

Seeing your bae making for a breathtakingly beautiful bride in those fancy clothes and baubles is most likely to bug you with this trivial thought! 

6. Did I miss out on something?

On a day as big as your wedding, it's absolutely okay for you to feel in a certain way. After all, who wants to skip anything major and end up regretting later!

7. Yay! My friends are gonna be jealous AF!

If you're someone who has forever competed with your guy friends on 'who gets to date the most good-looking girl in the college/school', now is your time to give them a thumbs down! After all, you managed to save the best for yourself.

8. No, don't click from that angle!

When the photographer keeps clicking your wrong profile and all you can do is smile on the outside and cry in the inside.

9. Where are my BWOYZZ? I want some booze.

When it has only been a few minutes since you climbed up the stage and all you can think of is heading straight to the bar (ALREADY!!).

10. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!

After striking that smiling pose for the photographer, for more than a hundred times, you might just end up feeling this way!

11. I hope this horse doesn't run away from the baraat or throw me down

Riding a horse for the first time does make you feel a little scared! Especially when it's your big day, you want to make sure everything goes well and ends well.

12. Ugh! For how long will I have to bear with this 30 kilos Sehra on my head?

Well, the traditional headdress, sehra is going to give you some real tough time! And the fact that you've gotta wear it for hours on end, is definitely going to make you lose your sanity and feel likewise.

13. Why is Pandit ji taking so long? I want to go and pee.

A constant thought that'll keep you gripped until Pandit Ji gets done with his mantras and you're all free to pee in peace. :P

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14. Why am I feeling so hot even on such a freezing cold winter night?

Blame it on those unbreathable, thick silk fabrics! It's the first and last time you're gonna wear anything of this sort!

15. NOO! Did anyone else hear my stomach making that weird sound too? I am so hungry!

In between all the anxiousness and wedding madness, you might skip feeding your belly enough. But then, at one point of time, even your starving belly will give up on you and raise the alarm!

16. Can someone please get me a bed?

When the pheras don't seem to end even till 4 in the morning and you can't help but feel more sleep deprived.

17. Oh no! I can't see her cry! 

The most heart-wrenching feeling when it's time for her to bid adieu to her parents. It completely breaks your heart to see her into tears.

18. Woho!! She's finally my wife.

Just when you get done with the wedding rituals and your happiness knows no bounds.

19. Can't believe the celebrations are over!

Irrespective of how tiresome and hectic the celebrations must have been for you, you'll instantly feel it flew by too fast, the moment they come to an end.

20. Now, I can't keep my excitement for the honeymoon!

Coz why not?


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