23+ Crazy Thoughts Every Indian Bride Has on Her Wedding Day

Medha Chawla, 28 Feb 2019

After the hectic and a long road of wedding planning, the D-day dawns with a turmoil of emotions for the bride. There is a feeling of excitement & joy, unexplained butterflies in the stomach but also a fair share of nervousness, anxiety, crankiness, and fear. So many feelings come together to make you feel like a bag full of varied emotions. And rightly so, it is the life-changing event and beginning of the rest of your life after all.

However, apart from witnessing the emotional roller coaster, you are also gonna be thinking A LOT on your wedding day! Endless mindless thoughts will keep crossing your mind until you are done with the day. Right from some stupid thoughts to some last moment panic-arising thoughts, your mind will be accelerating on a high speed on the D-day! But to prepare you for the D-day as much as we can, here we share some of the crazy thoughts that almost every bride has on her wedding day!

Thoughts every bride has on her Wedding day

1. 'Wow, D-day is here!' or 'Shit, D-day is here!'

The moment you wake up, you are gonna be bogged by this thought! It may seem hard to believe, but yes, today is your big day!

2. We just got engaged yesterday! Today came in a blink.

You will find it hard to accept for the first few minutes of the day that the D-day is actually here.

3. Where are my parents? I just wanna be with them!

Your wedding day will also come with a realization about how much you are gonna miss your parents. You'll want to spend each and every moment with them. *Reality Check: They would be busy with the wedding preps!*

4. Bridesmaids are having so much fun! I wish someone else was getting married and I was one of them!

Seeing everyone having a gala time and dancing their hearts out from a distance is most likely to bug you with this crazy thought!

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5. Where are the makeup and hair people? They were supposed to be here at 3 and it is 3:01 already!

Having such thoughts is absolutely okay and understandable! :P

6. Why is the makeup artist taking so much time? Is she overdoing the makeup?

Considering the time that bridal makeup takes, at one point you will think that your makeup artist is overdoing the makeup! 

7. This lehenga is so freaking heavy!

Oh, hello from another reality check! :p

8. Am I forgetting something?

 A constant thought that will stick around until you make that stellar bridal entry!

9. Am I looking fine? Does this hairstyle suit me? 

Endless thoughts about your bridal look will keep bothering you, and no validation would be enough to satisfy you.

10. Ahhh...here's my husband! What? Husband? I should really get used to it!

The first look at your husband would be really an inexpressible feeling.

11. Who are these people? I hardly recognize them!

This is what happens when you don't have an intimate wedding! The colossal crowd at your own wedding astonishes you the most. And wait, how are you gonna introduce them to your significant other when they come to greet you. 

12. Holy shit! Where are my bridesmaids? I am hungry, give me something to eat RIGHT NOW!

Owing to the nervousness and mixed emotions, most brides don't feel like eating the entire day. But then the starving belly definitely makes its presence felt.

13. I can't eat more than a bite

Now you know what we were talking about in the previous point!

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14. I can smile no more!

Heavy photography sessions are eventually gonna make you feel this.

15. I should have gone to bed early last night

As time passes by, you realize how much sleep deprived you are.

16. Wait, does it show on my face that I slept only for 3 hours last night? 

And suddenly you might wonder if your face shows that you are sleep deprived!

17. I look absolutely GORGEOUS!

Mirror mirror on the wall...and you will not stop admiring your bridal glory. And why should you even?!

18. Don't cry! Makeup will run! Don't cry!

Shedding of makeup with tears is the last thing you want to happen on your D-day! And you'll try hard to not cry.

19. When will the rituals end!

At one point of time, exhausted you will want the rituals to end ASAP!


Of course, juggling between several varied thoughts, you won't stop gushing about how it is the best day of your life.

21. Yayyy! I am his wife!

An absolutely startling feeling!

22. Wohooo...I have a husband

Another unsurprising but totally a heartwarming thought you'll have.

23. Vidaaai time...Nooooo!

The most difficult part of the wedding is here, i.e. bidding farewell to your parents and family.

24. The day flew by really fast!

Even though it was a super long day for you, you would wonder how time flew so fast. You actually didn't want your wedding day to end so quick.


Share a crazy thought that you had on your wedding day, in the comments section? We would love to know!