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This Couple's Wedding Speaks the Journey of their Love & it's Overwhelming

Surbhi Gupta, 11 Apr 2018

Haven’t you always pondered on how great it would be to plan every single detail of your own wedding? Haven’t we all wanted our wedding to be more about our likes and dislikes and not the wedding vendors? Meet Kiran and Namrata, who actually went ahead and put this dream into reality by planning and executing their own wedding all by themselves. And, it was nothing short of legendary.

The wedding had us stunned when we discovered the bride's DIY wedding blouse which she sketched and designed all by herself and it is nothing short of a dream. It has the couple’s entire love journey embroidered on it, which the bride actually chalked out herself. Namrata named it 'The time capsule blouse'. It might sound insane but insanity gets you do incredible things. This isn't enough, you gotta read on to unveil; what love made the groom do!

We witnessed that Ram's work speaks volumes, but it is also their intent and attitude that is unparalleled, to capture the couple's most important day keeping the beauty of raw emotions intact. These guys (Team Journeys by Ram) walked the walk, literally!

This wedding was effortfully extraordinary and it truly was everything about the couple. Let's begin:

A cocktail party with DIY-ed Daft Punk Helmets

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We haven't witnessed a night as exuberant as this one and the guests were definitely seen wanting more.The couple made a grand entry wearing daft helmets, self-designed by the groom himself. Yes, you read that right! These helmets were uber-techie with LED Matrix animations and sound reactive sensors. We told you this wedding was an all DIY.

To add a further element of surprise to the party, halfway through the event the couple disappeared. As the suspense built up, they re-entered wearing the helmets, grooving to the tunes of Technologic, Get Lucky and flashmob-ed to One More Time with their friends. This party is literally giving us major cocktail goals.

The bride adorned a Ridhi Mehra outfit and jewellery from Aquamarine and the groom dons Zara.

Pellikuturu (Bridal Ceremony) 

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Home-y Mehndi with a sleeping bride

Everyone who loves sleeping would related to this! Namrata actually fell off to sleep while getting her mehndi done due to last nights’ exhaustion. In a quirky way, the photographer too went all out and took the best shots of her, while she slumbered to beauty. The photographers outdo themselves when they capture moments in their purest version. 

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The vibrant Holi Sundowner 

[1] Source journeysbyram [2] Source journeysbyram

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The sound of Holi always has us cheering and puts an instant smile on our face. And, it happened to be groom’s favorite festival too. The all-organic Holi sundowner with an enchanting decor was combined with live music, dance performances, and drones. The couple looked awestruck painting each other red with exploding firecrackers in the backdrop. This night surely gave everyone beautiful memories to take back home.

The bride donned a stylish outfit from Kylee by Ruchi Jain and jewellery by Suhani Pittie and the groom was wearing a dapper overlapped kurta from Panchwati Silks.

The surreal pre-wedding reception

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The wedding with a showstopper outfit DIY-ed by the Bride

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This is our most romantic part of this wedding! The bride wore a DIY blouse that had the imprints of their entire journey of togetherness and special moments. “I actually wrote and sketched on my own blouse and veil and Kiran wrote the dialogues from when he asked me out. The front of the blouse was a silhouette from December 31, 2013, the time he put a jacket around me on a chilly night in San Francisco. The back was from exactly 4 years later, when he proposed to me in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, overlooking the skyline and Bay Bridge. There’s also the crooked street drawn on one side - the first car drive we took, Nemea - the first restaurant we went on a date to. There were mad silly Harry Potter/ Star Wars/ Coldplay references all over the border of the dupatta," the bride gushes, her eyes sparkling with happiness and warmth.

There is absolutely nothing that can get any more romantic, recollecting and personalized than this.

Here's the journey of 'The Time Capsule Blouse'

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Know more about Kiran and Namrata

Namrata and Kiran’s love story is straight out of a movie scene and we can’t stop ourselves from drooling. The bride elaborates after being a little lost for words, at first Serendipity was the only word she could think of to describe their love story. She further recites, “Kiran and my brother, Shiv, have known each other for 8 years now. In December 2013, I was visiting Shiv and so was Kiran. Some hundred revelations later, I realized he was the Yin to my Yang all along. Not only us, but everyone we know saw that we were bound to find each other.” We couldn’t agree more, they truly look made for each other. 

Every wedding has those secret fiascos (with some advice for the Brides-to-be)

The bride pours in the truth here, "While walking to the stage for the reception, I learned that the sari draper decided to leave (I had two more changes ahead of me) I don’t think I fretted even for a second - people did on my behalf. I just had faith that things would work out, and I was left behind with this wonderful memory of my sister-friend draping my saris!" Sometimes, the right attitude followed by faith is all that a bride needs. She advises further to meditate a few days before your wedding to keep your cool when you need it the most.

In the end, it should not be about checking a bucket list but about matching your vibe with your family and friends. They should feel as happy as you are at your wedding. Just like Namrata and Kiran’s wedding, if you lay the foundation on warmth and love, then there will be nothing stopping you from living your wedding to the fullest. 


Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Journeys by Ram, Makeup Artist: Faye Harris (Namrata's Friend), Venue: Taj Deccan, Caterers: Rajesh Saanghi of Saanghi Chaat

Bride’s outfits/ details 

Cocktail: Ridhi Mehra, Jewellery: Aquamarine, Holi: Kylee by Ruchi Jain, Jewelry: Suhani Pittie, Pre-wedding reception: Soiree Couture, designed by the bride, Wedding: Soiree Couture, designed by Namrata, waistband and haath phool was Suhani Pittie & rings from Amrapali

Groom’s outfits

Cocktail: Zara, Holi: Panchwati Silks, Pre-wedding reception: Bonobos, Wedding: Chitwan Naredi, Hyderabad