Distance No Bar: This Couple Just Held A Virtual Wedding Cos Of Covid-19 & It's Every Bit Amazing!

Shivani Singh, 07 Apr 2020

Technology is honestly a blessing in disguise in these trying times! With all weddings taking a backseat thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak, couples all over have been left heartbroken and disappointed. However, it is thanks to the advent of technology that even under lockdown, we all can live and celebrate the little joys of life. From calling your parents that live in a different city, to catching up with old friends, video calls have helped us all stay connected and stay sane. 

But who would have thought that a video call could bring together a couple and help them hold their virtual wedding? And that too, not alone! 🤳❤️

Meet Preet & Neet 

Source Neet Kaur

For a 29-year-old Mumbai-based merchant navy officer, Preet Singh, and his Delhi based fiancée, Neet Kaur, April 4th was supposed to mark the end of a long-distance relationship that had lasted for almost a year. And this was the day they were supposed to start an exciting new life together!

Preet and Neet had met a year ago online and had started dating soon after and within six months of dating, they had decided to tie the knot. For the wedding, Neet and her family were meant to fly down to Mumbai on April 1st. However, fate had plans of its own. Unwilling to let the lockdown mess with their wedding plans, the couple stuck to the date. As the couple had been together for some time now they did not want to compromise on their wedding date. And, considering Preet as a Merchant Navy officer he might have to report back for the duty when things would get better. Hence, this couple thought to go a little Hatke and set a trend during Covid-19 and decided to get married forever. 

Source Neet Kaur

In an off-beat way, the couple held their ceremony over a video calling app to receive the blessings of their friends and family members who had logged on from not just all parts of India, but from countries like Dubai, Canada, and Australia. "4th April 2020! Six months back this date was decided as our wedding date. We had no idea of what life had in store for us, and we literally spent day & night for the preparation for our big day. When we realised that it's not happening the way we wanted it to be, then we decided to be one step ahead and make the best of the present situation. For our wedding, we needed both of us, our loving families & friends in one place. So, the technology made it possible and one group video call became the venue of our wedding & we got VIRTUALLY MARRIED on the decided date & time," said the bride.  

Source Neet Kaur
Source Neet Kaur

The groom, Preet, reveals, "We were heartbroken because we were planning our wedding from the last six months. But every cloud has a silver lining and we found ours too."And their silver lining for nothing short of unique. Truly, the virtual wedding ceremony they held was one of its kind. With the couple dressed in their wedding ensembles, they held a two-hour-long celebration which was marked by congratulatory speeches and family members dancing. The idea for a virtual wedding was Preet's who believed that going ahead with the wedding in this way wasn't difficult and their family happily came on board with the plan. 

Source Neet Kaur

“Since we believe the wedding is incomplete without the blessings of Waheguru Ji, we will head to a gurudwara at the earliest opportunity to conduct the wedding ceremony as per Sikh tradition,” he added in the end. We are truly awestruck by this couple's decision to get married via video call. It further proves to us that when there's love between two people, not even a 'global pandemic sized' speed bump can stop them from being together. Even if it means being together virtually!

Team ShaadiSaga would like to congratulate the couple on their wedding and wish that the lockdown phase is over soon so that they can take the blessings of the Gurudwara and start their lives as newlyweds!

Source: Bride (Neet Kaur) & Times Of India 

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