This Couple Dared To Travel Countries For Their Love! | Sujas & Varun's Real Wedding

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 02 Jan 2017

Here’s the thing about love. It’s hard to put into words. Love can inspire one to accomplish some of the craziest and the most amazing feats. And that’s exactly what drove our Punjabi dulhan Sujas and Gujarati Dulha Varun close to each other. So close that the love birds actually travelled half-way (Sujas is from Mumbai and Varun is based in London) to Turkey between Asia and Europe just because they were missing each other so much. Now, isn’t that cuuute!!! Keep reading if you want me to spill the beans. 

The Love Saga

Sujas had met Varun through his sister and a few other common friends in Mumbai last year in September. Cupid struck Varun initially as he instantly fell head over heels for Sujas on their very first meeting. And, since Varun was in Mumbai just for two more weeks, he really wanted things between the two of them to work out and left no stone unturned. So you can imagine what happened next!

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The Proposal

It was a regular lazy Sunday afternoon when Sujas was on the phone with Varun discussing how that year’s (2015) Diwali would be huge with a week’s break from work. Then just within an hour of convincing and bank balance checks, flight tickets were booked, hotels were sorted and the lovebirds were going to be able to tell their children how mom and dad met half-way at Turkey between Asia and Europe just because they missed each other so much.

Sujas’s parents also agreed (after a lot of deliberations) to it and she only wondered how. Here comes the strategy which the master planner Varun had already planned. He had already explained to her parents how much he loved Sujas and wanted to make her his forever with a ring at Bodrum in Turkey. So, Sujas had unknowingly taken her own engagement ring from India that was given by Varun’s parents, (stitched in the pocket of a Sherwani kurta gifted by Sujas’s family). And the next thing Sujas knew was that she was on a beach in Bodrum with Varun on his knees and a beautiful ring on her finger.

Mehendi & Sangeet

Sujas wanted to stick to warmer shades and stay as far away from colours like Blues and Greens.  “Call me old fashioned but Reds, Pinks & Oranges define a bride in my world,” said Sujas. No wonder she chose a soft floral pink for her Mehendi; for Sangeet she wore an orange lehenga, which was a gift from her in-laws as they wanted her to wear something bright.

Mehendi outfit by Anushree Reddy

While the Mehendi had orange (genda phool marigold) and pink theme, the Cocktail/Sangeet was kept classy and very decorative with a huge 'S&V' light bulb installation. The highlight of the Sangeet event was the Dhol/DJ performances by everyone Including the Kala Chashma dance of the couple.

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Sangeet outfit by Kalki

Wedding Day

Wedding outfit by Aishwarya Design

Coral pink has always been Sujas’s favourite colour. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that she had been waiting to wear that shade for her wedding from the time she was just 13 years-old. She along with her mother had gone on a hunting spree for shops and designers all over Mumbai. It surely wasn’t easy to find her perfect dream outfit. But when they finally stepped into ‘Aishwarya’ and asked them if they would be able to make something similar in a month, things took a different turn.


Another reason for picking pink was the fact that Sujas’s mother wore the same color for her wedding. She had an identical lehenga just like her mother’s with the same amount of zardozi work, pita work, cut adana and thread knots all over. In fact her mother added more gota work to the dupatta with a bridal lace border that Sujas had always wanted after watching Karisma Kapoor’s wedding lehenga.

The wedding theme was kept very elegant with a white, peach and pink décor. The couple had their parents’ wedding pictures on the entrance of the mandir in frames and also gave out pamphlets to the guests with the meaning of all 4 Punjabi pheras.

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While Varun wore a black neat tuxedo, Sujas wore a lovely red gown to match him. She picked red for reception as she felt married and it also matched her blood red choodas.

Reception outfit by Libas

The hair and make-up for all the occasions were done by Balaji Telefilms since Sujas’s mother works in Hindi serials. Luckily, they got the entire team on board.

What The Bride Has To Say  


We looked through your website for most of the ideas. Your Instagram page and also blogs. Since my husband was in London - Both of us would share screenshots and go through wedding outfits, venue, makeup ideas all from your website.

Few Key Lessons Learnt by the Bride from the Wedding

1. You’ll never feel hungry throughout your wedding - so make sure you are always hydrated.

2. Give responsibilities to all your girls - One for lipstick checks, one to hold your mobile, one for draping etc.

3. Try and have your brothers get to the venue in advance - to check for decor, food, air conditioning etc.

4. Give a list of songs to the DJ you want him to play - make sure 30% of them are remixes of old 70’s songs - to get the oldies on the dance floor.

5. There will always be family drama before the wedding. Ignore it, smile, be positive and look at the bright future in front of you.

6. Enjoy yourself, this is the one big day of your life!

Pro-Advice by the Bride

The 4 functions of my wedding were back to back executed in two days. NOT a good idea. Don’t have more than one big function in a day. It can tire your guests and specially the bride.

Image Credits: Fotografia9