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These Wedding Day Photos With The Munchkins Of The Family Are Just Adorbs!

Aditi Bachhawat, 16 Jan 2018

All good things come in tiny packets, better still, if they scuttle between your legs, giggling and making cute faces! The only people who are allowed to look cuter than you on your wedding are your little guests and you can bet they make for great picture partners too. So cue your photographer sooner to get some cutesy pictures with the goofballs to make your wedding album totes adorbs! Here are some snippets to make you go “aww”!

Disclaimer: This post is overloaded with cuteness. You might get an aww-attack, so make sure you're surrounded by people!

When she looks ogles your lehenga and dreams of getting married too

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With your pretty Flower girl

When the photo bomber is dripping cute and you don’t mind

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The one with Little Miss Pouty

When their swag level is higher than yours

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When you are happy and they know it

Peek-a-boo under the veil

The one where they go “haww”

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Amidst Haldi shenanigans

The one with Grandma

While holding cute placards

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When they drag you along to play with them

Raw heart-warming moments

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The groom with his best man

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We won’t open our eyes, promise!

Totally cute, aren't they?