Wedding Planning

Ten things to smooth-sail over to your D-Day!

Nanditha Sankar, 06 Nov 2014

1)The Lehenga Woes


One of the most important features of a wedding is the bridal wear. What she wears on her special day goes down to have a very important place in her heart as well as those who bear witness to the wedding. As such, it is very important to wear comfortable and yet, grand clothes which fit the lady perfectly. The best option would be to get the lehenga designed/bought a good month or two before the wedding so that alterations can be made . Instead of running after famous names which might end up being extremely pricey, another good option would be to discover designers little known of who might end up being the best bets at the job.

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2)The Invitation Cards


The emblem of a wedding, until the actual event takes place is the wedding card. These days, there are lots of options to choose from amongst a wide range of absolutely stunning wedding cards. Also, remember that not everyone would be content with a Facebook event invite or a Whatsapp message as is the trend these days. Intermet is emerging as the new tool to connect with frinds and loved once for your wedding. Here is a great site for creating Free Customized Wedding Website.  

3)To have a Planner or Not to?


The question isn’t as tricky as it seems. Once you outline the list of activities that are to be undertaken, it should be easy to figure out whether or not those tasks can be carried out by oneself or with the help of a third party. Having a planner brings down the onus on individuals by a seismic amount but it also raises the budget. One could also go in for websites that offer services which means that one can subscribe to those facilities which are quintessential and take care of the rest by oneself.When in doubt , visit, we’re here to help!

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4)Talk, Talk Talk!


The best way to organize effectively is by speaking to those who have already been through the same situation. Talk to friends who have had their weddings in recent times, find out what it is that they would like to have bettered at their weddings and get contacts of planners they may have contacted during their wedding.

5)Buy before it’s the 11th hour


Very often, the shopping plans get stalled until the last moment when the entire family runs helter skelter in search of essentials. Instead of taking a sabbatical after the engagement, proper planning could go a long way into the crucial wedding shopping which requires.

6)The Gifts!


Customized wedding gifts for the guests could go a long way in mesmerizing them. It would also leave an indelible impression of the couple on the minds of the guests. There are lots of stores that design custom stationery for the guests. Little carry bags, instantly deliverable photos with the couple, photo frames with the wedding duo in the background are some good options to bank on.As they say, Athithi Devo Bhava. It is very important to treat the guests to the best!

7)The Food

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Weddings are subjects people relish long after they are over in the name of the gastronomic delights dished out at the wedding. It is very important to find the right caterer and make sure that the delicacies are confirmed well before to avoid a last-minute hassle. It would also be advisable to make sure that in case non-vegetarian treats are being served, the vegetarian population is not left out. As they say, the easiest way to the heart is through the stomach.

8)Eat and Sleep Well!


The times of a wedding can be extremely stressful.But it is absolutely important to not lose out on precious sleep even when there is the urge to sit up late on phone-calls from near and dear ones. Some of the biggest nightmares of brides-to-be are those dark circles that arrive without any warning. Add to the requirements a good diet as well. While some may go to the extent of seeking an expert’s help in planning their diet, it is important to stay fit and stay away from weight-adding junk food atleast a few weeks prior to the wedding. Save all the gobbling for the feast! 9) Going Digital? These days, right from the invite to the details of the couple- everything goes online. There are numerous desginers available who can help you get personalised cards to be shared across digital platforms. And not to forget the website. It’s become as personalised and customised an affair as the wedding card. Finding the right designer should not be a difficult task! There are even simple sites that help one way the websites ourselves.   Shaadisaga has been recommeded as the best indian website for Free Website Creation by NDTV.


keep clm

This is the most important tip as most of our married friends had to vouch for. The days leading up to the wedding can be some of the most stressful days for all those around. But the most important tip is to enjoy the moment . It does not happen all the time. Let’s sit down and celebrate every moment leading up to the Big Day! And remember when in doubt. We hope this helps you allay atleast some of your fears and go ahead with a green signal in mind. We would love to hear your views so that we can keep adding on to our role as the helping hands. Keep calm and comment under this post so that we get to know the kind of problems you face while planning a wedding. There’s nothing like hearing from those on the other side.