Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Monsoon Wedding Ideas To Make Your D-Day Foolproof & Super Special!

Manvi Malhotra, 03 Jul 2020

Monsoon is almost here and we just can’t wait for ‘em showers to give us some much-needed respite from the heat. Don’t you just love rains? The light (and heavy!) showers tantalizing the skin...

Pre-Wedding Planning

Wedding Vendors Reveal: Effects Of The Coronavirus & Their Advice To Couples

Shivani Singh, 04 May 2020

Similar to your paused plans, wedding planners are also facing an uncertain situation because of the viral outbreak. And here's what they have to say about the situation...


#QuarantineSpecial: 17 Dramatic Wedding Movies Every Bride-To-Be Will Relate To

Rashmi Jayara, 21 Apr 2020

After this quarantine is over, we are sure that your wedding is the first thing you'd do. So if you are feeling overwhelmed about leaving your girl tribe or you are afraid of your mother-in-law...


11 Things Every Newly-Wed Bride Misses About Her Shaadi

Tanya Baisoya, 10 Dec 2019

If you are a newly-wed bride, you are definitely going to relate all the wedding withdrawals we are going to list below. After all, your shaadi week is always going to be one of the most special weeks for you. And, why not? From those insane sangeet dance practice sessions to visiting your dream designer stores just to get that perfect lehenga, ...

Wedding Planning

Outfit To Decor: Make Your Wedding Vibrant With #SSGoesColourful

Rashmi Jayara, 10 Mar 2020

Who likes to include boring colours while celebrating an Indian wedding? NO ONE duh! An Indian Wedding means diversity—variety in functions, outfits, food, dance and what not! So how can we imagine...


Crazy Things That Can Only Happen At An Indian Wedding

Rashmi Jayara, 13 Nov 2019

Indian weddings and crazy times go hand in hand. What’s the point of having a wedding where nobody is enjoying. Organising a wedding for several guests is a hard task. And with all the customs and rituals that an Indian wedding has, it gets more hectic. But that doesn’t mean that you will not have fun. We, Indians, are very popular in doing biza...