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8 Quirky & Eccentric Places To Have A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Rashmi Jayara, 07 Jul 2020

Pre-wedding photoshoots have become a thing now. Instead of having a normal photoshoot with casual clothes, couples take time to finalise their outfits and the locations. You must have heard of people going for Destination Pre-wedding photoshoots.But today, we have brought you unique places where you can have a fun shoot with your partner. These...

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Monsoon Wedding Ideas To Make Your D-Day Foolproof & Super Special!

Manvi Malhotra, 03 Jul 2020

Monsoon is almost here and we just can’t wait for ‘em showers to give us some much-needed respite from the heat. Don’t you just love rains? The light (and heavy!) showers tantalizing the skin...

Pre-Wedding Planning

Wedding Vendors Reveal: Effects Of The Coronavirus & Their Advice To Couples

Shivani Singh, 04 May 2020

Similar to your paused plans, wedding planners are also facing an uncertain situation because of the viral outbreak. And here's what they have to say about the situation...


Precautions Against Coronavirus That You MUST Take During Your Wedding

Shivani Singh, 17 Mar 2020

The entire world has been hit by a serious pandemic known as the Coronavirus or the COVID-19. The situation seems to be scary, with news cropping up here and there about the number of infected...

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How To Plan Your Wedding & Honeymoon During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Shivani Singh, 13 Mar 2020

You turn on the news and hear, "Another positive case of Coronavirus confirmed."Your heart sinks just a little bit more, as your wedding is not very far and you were just about to start shopping for your outfits. However, the severe outbreak of the virus has left you and many around you wondering if holding a big fat Indian wedding during this s...

Pre-Wedding Planning

10 Things Grooms Should Avoid Before Their Weddings

Shivani Singh, 23 Feb 2020

Getting married is as important for a guy as much as it is for a girl. From feeling nervous about leaving bachelorhood behind, to being excited to share the rest of their lives with their significant someone, there's a lot happening. You have to pin down on the designers or stores for your outfit, come up with a smashing entry with the Baraat, g...