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Every Couple's Ultimate Wedding Photo Checklist (Save RN!)

Anupriya Khanna, 01 Jul 2019

The day you solemnize your love with your bae is one helluva special day. And given that it will have gobs of heart-warming moments, you’ll want your photographer to capture everything to the T. Be it the joyous jaimala moment that brings out cheery smiles, the gripping sindoor moment that instantly gives chills down the spine or the rawly emoti...


A Stunning Bridesmaid Shoot with the Bride & her Tribe in Gorgeous Outfits

Divya Arora, 02 May 2019

We've said it before and we're saying it now, "your bridesmaids deserve all your love and attention for the unsung heroes, the backbone, and the saviours that they've always been to you." We hold a special place in our hearts for all the bridesmaids 'cuz we know how we women just can't do without them. Which is why we're always up with ideating ...

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Most Unique Digitally Enhanced Wedding Photo Ideas for Next-Gen Couples

Divya Arora, 19 Apr 2019

For how the world of weddings has been steadily flourishing with constant and avant-garde experiments, coming across fresh and new ideas, inspirations and trends marking the current wedding scenes aren't unusual. With some great creative attempts making it down into history and some of them just dwindling down with time, there's always something...

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21 Raw & Heart-tugging Photos of Couples Grooving at their Wedding

Divya Arora, 07 Apr 2019

We at ShaadiSaga believe that there's literally no limit to couple photo inspirations and the ways a couple can get clicked in throughout their wedding are endless. Be it posing in quirky ways, in the classic mushy ways or making sure to hire a good candid photographer who'd capture you at your candid best throughout, our kitties are always brim...

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17 Charismatic "Just Married" Photos of Couples that Stole our Hearts

Divya Arora, 06 Mar 2019

Of all the photos a couple must get clicked on their wedding right from the cutesy-mushy photos to fun and playful ones, from those jaimala photos to ceremonial candids, the most overwhelming ones are the "just married moments" captured candidly. These beautiful Indian couples just married photos speak of that happiest moment that the couple sha...

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40+ 'Seal it with a Kiss' Photos you Must Have in Your Wedding Album

Anupriya Khanna, 01 Mar 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially the one that has got you and your to-be hubby sharing a sweet and romantic kiss. Amidst a plethora of mandatory solo bridal portraits and mushy couple photos that you will get clicked during your wedding reveries, having at least one picturesque 'seal it with a kiss' is a Must. After all, it depict...