Destination Wedding In Udaipur


Glam Udaipur Wedding Of A Fashion Blogger With Pin-Worthy Outfits & Quirky Decor!

Shivani Singh, 20 Jun 2020

Anjuli and Ravi met each other at Kings College, London. From being friends for over 2 years, the duo started dating back in 2014. For friends and family, though they were perfect for each other...


Destination Wedding: Your A to Z Guide With 15+ Best Wedding Destinations in India

Apoorva Saxena, 17 Mar 2020

Are you one of those couples who will like to celebrate their wedding day with their loved ones in an exotic place? Then, destination weddings are the thing for you. Tying a knot with your special...


This Udaipur Wedding's Insta-Worthy Decor & Outfits Have Won Us Over & How

Tanya Baisoya, 30 Nov 2019

"Pankaj was a typical Delhi boy, and I could not even imagine being friends with him," our bride Palak, reveals jokingly. Theirs is a typical heartwarming college romance story. Palak and Pankaj met at Manchester Business School for their masters, and of course, did not like each other at first glance. It was only along the course of time that t...


A Joyous Udaipur Wedding With A Gorgeous Bride In Breathtaking Outfits!

Tanya Baisoya, 31 Oct 2019

Who said arranged marriages cannot be fun and lively? Parth and Priyanka’s love story is a true example of serendipity. Unlike most of the couples who fall in love first and then decide to get married. This one had a typical Indian marriage setup where their parents decided to make them meet first. And what could have been their answer to their ...


Full Of Joyous Moments, This Udaipur Wedding Was All Things Royal!

Ayesha Kohli, 21 Oct 2019

Udaipur weddings don't need any introduction, we all know Udaipur is the IT destination to get married. You can't get any closer to feeling like a royal on your wedding than by getting married in Udaipur, and this gorgeous couple- Anuj and Shenil did just the same. Their wedding was a fun-filled affair, giving us goals for this wedding season. F...


Stunning Udaipur Wedding with Mela-themed Mehndi & Pin-worthy Outfits

Medha Chawla, 12 Aug 2019

Udaipur is truly one of the most hep places to host a destination wedding in India. Its regal aura intertwined with rich architecture lends the perfect setting to get wed. And when Pooja & Vineet hosted their wedding celebration at the Ananta in Udaipur, it was every bit magnificent & surreal. The couple's oh-so-stylish outfits further dropped o...