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Due to Covid-19 This Bride Moved Her Wedding From Thailand To Delhi & It Was Perfectly Dreamy!

Shivani Singh, 31 Mar 2020

Couples spend an unprecedented amount of time and energy into selecting the ideal time for their wedding. And this meticulous wedding planning is, of course, followed by the selection of the right...


Fun-Filled Punjabi Wedding With A Heartwarming Love Story!

Tanya Baisoya, 14 Jan 2020

Hola! We're back with yet another love story that touched our hearts as nothing else could! This one remains to be a personal favourite, for the fact, that everything about this wedding was sheer perfection. We're talking about Rishika and Saurabh, our lovely college sweethearts, who swore to stay in love with each other for the rest of their li...


Lively Kolkata Wedding with A Couple Coordinating in Pastel Outfits

Medha Chawla, 08 Oct 2019

When two souls are meant to unite, no obstacle can stop their unison! And the couple whose wedding has made it to our blog section today, their love story proves the same. Ankit and Saloni met each other through an arranged setup. It was no filmy story but just how it happens in real life, it took them a few meetings to realise they wanted to ma...


Bali Wedding with Killer Decor & a Couple with Style Game Strong!

Medha Chawla, 26 Aug 2019

So, the wedding we are gonna take you through today is already doing rounds on the Internet! Cuz, the bride wore Deepika wala Sabyasachi lehenga with such a panache that no one can stop raving about her bridal look. One look at Karen's D-day look, and you would be smitten too. While she has already swooned the world with her bridal glory, but we...


This Bali Wedding had a Whimsical Picnic-themed Sangeet & We're SOLD!

Divya Arora, 05 Mar 2019

Weddings unquestionably are all about fun-filled celebrations and merry making but, some weddings are more than just that. The effervescence of some weddings breathes life and love. So much so, that their happiness ends up seeping down into your heart right through the photos. Such is this 'full of happiness and love' wedding of Anuroop and Saum...


This Graceful Udaipur Wedding of College Sweethearts is sure to Tug at Your Hearts

Divya Arora, 28 Feb 2019

A royal Udaipur wedding with a mushy couple in designer outfits, a spirited and jazzed up decor with cheery celebrations that knows no bounds is how Nikita and Vaibhav's wedding was. And we are absolutely smitten witnessing the bond this couple shares! This delightful wedding, that was hosted at different venues throughout Udaipur, was all regal...