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Wedding Planning

Having a Cross-Cultural Wedding? Don't Forget these 7 Planning Tips

Divya Arora, 02 Mar 2019

Marriage as they aptly say isn't just a union of two people but a union of two different worlds, two different families and sometimes even two different cultures. When you both belong to different cultures with mutual respect and love for each other's traditions & customs, deciding upon the kind of wedding you can host isn't a tough nut to crack...

Bridal Fashion

14 Beautiful Photos of Bengali Brides that will Mesmerize You!

Medha Chawla, 01 Feb 2019

One look at a bride and you can tell whether she is a Bengali bride or not! The distinctive charm of Bong brides is such that they are easily recognizable. Mostly clad in traditional sarees which they pair up with gobs of gold jewels, a significant red bindi, a traditional mukut and aalta laden hands and feet, every single element of Bengali bri...