Benefits Of Having An Intimate Wedding


Meet Priya & Nitin Who Had An Intimate Court Marriage in Mumbai!

Shivani Singh, 10 Oct 2020

Priya and Nitin's intimate wedding took place at Bandra court in Mumbai. The couple was accompanied by a few friends as witnesses and finally, they registered themselves as a married couple and got...

Decorating Ideas

17+ Trending Photobooth Ideas For Your Backyard To Terrace Intimate Wedding!

Apoorva Saxena, 11 Jun 2020

Happy Times are here! After waiting for months to call your partner ‘officially yours’, the time to tie a knot has finally arrived. The rules, however, are a bit different. With a guest list limit...

Wedding Planning

12 Ideas That Prove Intimate Weddings Are The Next Big Thing!

Vidhi Gupta, 09 Jun 2020

Amidst this situation of the pandemic, big fat weddings are a distant dream. But we can assure you that intimate weddings are the next big thing with the same amount of fun. While you seek blessing...

Wedding Planning

How to tell your parents that you want a Small & Intimate Wedding

Medha Chawla, 28 May 2019

As a to-be-wed couple, being unanimous that you two want a small and intimate wedding is just not enough. Your parents' approval is indispensable to go ahead with the plan. No matter how much you love the concept of small and intimate weddings, you just cannot host one until your parents give a nod for it. And it is no news that Indian parents w...


15 Reasons Why You Should Choose #IntimateWeddings Over Grand Ones!

Apoorva Saxena, 08 Jun 2020

With Unlock 1, India is all set to open up and so are your possibilities of saying “I do”. After waiting for months that felt no less than centuries, the time to celebrate your love has finally...