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Amp Up Your Decor Game With Aashna Singh Saran- #SSQuarantineSessions

Shivani Singh, 11 May 2020

It is essential for your wedding decor to make a statement. And what better way to do that than to set up stunning tables everywhere.

Table decor is an essential part of your entire wedding decor. The elements that you choose to decorate your tables with should match with your overall theme. And unlike the olden times, when tables were not an element of decoration but just a place to sit by and eat, table decor has taken the front seat as an essential part of wedding decorations. 

Now, while the decor of your wedding tables is more of a responsibility of your event managers, the decor of your table at home is yours. And instead of just having dinner on the same old boring tables, it is fun to spice up your home decor with an aesthetic table for a special occasion. Hence, for the latest edition of our #SSQuarantineSessions, we have Aashna Singh Saran, who's going to show us how to effortlessly enhance your table decor skills with just a few tips and tricks. 

Amplify Your Table Decor Skills With Aashna Singh Saran

Aashna Singh Saran is the Creative Director & Founder Aash Studio, a wedding design studio, dedicated to the art and craft of all things wedding decor. Offering you with an aesthetic looking and beautiful wedding decoration and theme designing, the design and concept company that provides you with decor arrangements and elements that lift your event and create an elegant and more stylish look for your wedding bells. 

For our latest live session on the gram, we decided to invite the creative director and founder of the said company to share with us a few tips and tricks on how to make table decor look more pleasing to the eye. Now, if you missed our live session with Aashna, here's a gist of it for you. In the live, Aashna showed us how to improve the look of your dinner table with just a few things that you may have lying around in your homes. She went ahead to show us two different kinds of table decor which you could use to amp up a normal dinner date into a more eye-pleasing environment. 

Check out the video where Aashna shows us all the details and elements that could help improve your table decor. 

Fun session, wasn't it? We bet you all picked up something important from this live session with Aashna, who showed us how to add a few professional touches that could make any dinner night into a special occasion! Let's brush up on our decor skills and make this lockdown a more productive one, shall we?

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