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Top 14 Staircase Decor Ideas to elevate your wedding decor

Divya Arora, 15 Mar 2019

Source Tanvi Puri

Digging out new-age and elemental decor ideas for you all is our guilty pleasure because let's face it, wedding decor inspirations are endless and we love fetching all the latest fads for you. Be it hearting over the latest mandap designs, stage decorations and edgy centrepieces or discovering entirely fresh and unique elements like white umbrellas, floral chandeliers, dreamcatchers or bangle decor, we aren't stopping. Well, for this time around we've brought to you a rather sidelined element of your wedding venue that unquestionably deserves as much decking up as the other aspects of your wedding decor—the staircases.

Be it at your home ceremonies or at your wedding venue, stairs are mostly left undecorated when apparently amping them up can undoubtedly take your wedding decor a notch higher. Which is why we've put up this blog to lend you some spectacular decorating ideas for stairs that will beautify your wedding venue by multifold. From minimal to luxe, these latest staircase decor ideas will surely have you hooked.

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Staircase Decor Ideas for an Extravagant Wedding Decor

1. An elegant and floral arrangement

Decorating just the handrails of your home's magnificent staircase with a beauteous flower arrangement is one of the top staircase decor ideas there could ever be.

2. A surreal candle affair

Ornamenting the stair steps with neatly arranged candles and flower petals looks absolutely bewitching and warm.

3. A staircase decor straight out of a fairytale

If it is the ace decorator Tanvi Puri's Roka ceremony, the decor has to be outstanding. We love how she decorated the handrails of the staircase in heavy pink blooms with candles in different shapes & sizes.

Source Tanvi Puri

4. A minimal red carpet setup

This pretty staircase decor idea done with a simple red carpet, dracaena plants and candles along the corners is oozing with grace.

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5. This floral fantasy wonderland is ruling our hearts

We believe this idea is undoubtedly one of the best staircase decor ideas for it's everything that dreams are made of!

6. Miniature candles & rose petals!

This classic combination of glass candles amidst beautiful rose petals is the best ever. Period.

7. Sunshining yellow with a dash of pink!

Having pretty yellow garlands spiralling around the handrails with cascading floral garlands is undeniably a unique staircase decor idea.

8. Staircase drenched in hues of pinks and reds

We love this breathtaking staircase decor idea heavily laden with flowers exuding absolute regal feels.

9. Candle lamps with flowers

This Moroccan vintage candle lamps arranged with flowers too are for one of the latest staircase decor ideas.

10. Illumination with the candles done right!

How about simply lighting it all up with different candles exuding warmth?!

11. Simplicity at its best!

And how about having just a few candles lighting up the entrance stairway in the simplest of ways possible?!

12. Pastels and florals are a rage!

With floral prints on the wall and matching blooms decking up the staircase, nobody can NOT fall in love with this staircase decor idea.

13. Deck up your stage stairs as well.

Much like printed dance floors and aisles, this staircase decor idea with printed stairs and floral carpet is so eye-pleasing!

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14. A dreamy white setting!

This royal staircase is perfectly decorated with white flowers, foliage, antique holders and vases.

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Let us know your favorite staircase decor idea in the comments below!