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Single Dupatta Vs Double Dupatta: Here's All That You Need To Know About!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 04 Jan 2017

A bride’s dupatta over her head gets as much attention as her outfit! Don’t you remember the trend of ghungroos on the edges of bridal dupatta? I still love those pretty little hangings! So, I am sure you’ll agree to the fact that the entire bridal look depends on how you drape your dupatta. Even the slightest twist in the drape can make you stand out and that should be the sole aim of every bride-to-be!

But while there are several ways to drape the dupatta, today I’ll clear out all your confusion on single dupatta and double dupatta!

Single Dupatta Trend

Image Credits: WeddingNama (L) and Brides of Sabyasachi (R)

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This is the styling most of us are quite familiar with where you have one long dupatta which is usually over your head and does not cover your chest area. This dupatta is generally the one that is packed with your lehenga. There are also a lot of brides who prefer keeping the single dupatta flowy from their shoulder or simply wrap it around their body (read waist) and then take over their heads.

Double Dupatta Trend

Image Credits: Cupcake Productions

The credit for this trend goes to our favourite designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee who started it five years back. This fashion involves taking the main dupatta as a regular side drape along with another lighter dupatta that goes up on your head. Perfect for that royal look!

Double Dupatta vs Single Dupatta

 Image Credits: Siddharth Sharma (L) The Lightsmiths (R)

Quite a bit of a dilemma, right? Don’t you worry! Like always, I have done my homework for you and I will state out the pros and cons of both the trends.

Why You Should Opt For Single Dupatta

→ Since it’s your wedding day, you are solely responsible when it comes to carrying your wedding outfit. If you want to keep it fuss free, stick to a single dupatta to remain at ease throughout the celebrations.

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Image Credits: Aanchal Dhara Madan 

→ If you consider yourself as the minimalist bride, this should be your main reason to stick to a single dupatta.

Image Credits: Photo Tantra

→ If you think your wedding lehenga is relatively simpler (as in a monotone lehenga), a single colour contrasted dupatta can instantly elevate your entire look breaking the monotony.

Why You Should Opt For Double Dupatta

→ Brides usually opt for a double dupatta when they want to add that classic royal touch to their bridal outfit. If you are one of them who wants to achieve a perfect score on a regal quotient of 10, I suggest – please go for it!

→ It would be wiser and of course a smarter decision to go for a double dupatta if you are worried about your problem areas like the tummy fat or flabby arms. The second dupatta can work wonders as it’s quite capable of hiding all those extra layers of fat with a guaranteed style.

Image Credits: Jodi Clickers

→ Well, if you wish to add more colour to your outfit or want to highlight any one particular shade, go for a second dupatta with a colour that is already there in your wedding attire.

→ Also, if you think that your main dupatta is a bit too heavy to be put on your head throughout, go for a second dupatta which is lighter and can be easily carried all through the night.

Image Credits: The Wedding Salad

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Featured Image Credits: Arjuns Tryst With The Camera

Which style will you prefer the most? Tell us in the comments below!