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Simple DIY tricks to use your Wedding Photos for your Home Decor

Shivani Malhotra, 19 Mar 2018

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What do we often do with our wedding photographs—Upload them on all our social media platforms, get some likes, loves & wows, some comments and eventually overshadow them by posting some new photos? For you, they're the most precious memories of your life, do they only deserve to be on your social media profiles? But you may ask, where else do I use all of those pictures?

Our take would be to incorporate your wedding photos into your home decor as photo frames, on bulletins right next to your study, make a table runner out of the best photos, use your best picture as a table book cover or get them printed on coasters and mugs. This way they won't just get your eye but also of people who visit your home. Yes, we might sound crazy but who likes ordinary?

It’s always a good idea to commemorate those happy moments in the most auspicious and thought off way by incorporating them into your home decor. We show you a couple of ways you can use your wedding photos to up your home decor. 

1. DIY Photo Garland

Garlands make a great way to put celebration into fun. They add life in all those empty corners and make them visually look artistic. This DIY garland is not only easy to make but also useful to put those pictures in use.

Photo Garland for empty corners
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2. Decorate your work corner

 All it takes is empty photo frame and those mini clothespins. Cut and crop those empty borders with those zig-zag scissors and do this simple DIY.

Doodle up your workplace
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3. Photo Calendar 

 Customize your own photo calendar by picking your best 12 favorite wedding photos and the calendar is ready to keep on empty tables or kitchen decor.

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4. Custom Art portrait

 Illustrations are a good way to keep your princess like wedding dress alive in your heart and mind forever.

wedding dress sketch
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5. Magazine/Notebook cover

 Feature the best element of your wedding and create your own personal touch to your things with this simple DIY.

personalised picture-cover notebook
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6. Table Runner

 Easiest DIY to do, which will also grab the attention of people coming to your home for a family get-together or dinner party.

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7. Quirky Photo Strips

 Put all those candid, crazy, fun pictures in your living room with giant photo strip wall hanging. Best way to keep the fun aesthetic in your room, to pop-up with a happy mood.

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8. Wooden photo vase

 How beautiful it looks when we can add a twist to rustic touch with our creativity of adding wedding photo to them.

Rustic photo vase with wedding picture
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9. Fairy Light DIY

 Twirl those fairy light on the string where you clip on the pictures. The lights will emit cozy vibes in your living room.

Lighten up the pictures
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We wish to do justice to your wedding photos. Would you consider using your wedding photos into your home decor?

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