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Start Your Shaadi Countdown With These Royal Wedding Invites

Rashmi Jayara, 08 Dec 2019

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Spouse-to-be is ready, the date has been fixed and a grand venue has been selected! The first idea of how grand your wedding will be can easily be guessed by your guests with only one thing—Wedding Invites! The wedding invite is the first thing that makes an impression of the couple and their families. The market is filled with extraordinary styles for wedding invites.

For all the couples who are planning to have a sumptuous wedding, we have brought you some ideas for your royal wedding invites. Even if you want something royal without going extra, we have options for that too. Go ahead and save your favourite ones. 

Royal Wedding Invites For Your Grand Celebration

1. Unboxed Invites

If you want to keep it simple yet elegant, go for these unboxed invitation cards. Play with different colours and fonts and make them look regal. 

Invites by BE JALEBI, Delhi
Invites by BE JALEBI, Delhi

2. Boxed Invites

Giving wedding favours along with the invites is the latest trend. Allure your guests by surprising them with unique edible favours along with your wedding invitations. 

Invites by BE JALEBI, Delhi
Source Upani India
Invites by BE JALEBI, Delhi
Invites by InviteJoy, Delhi

3. Scrolls

As you know, Maharajas used to send invites and other valuable information on scrolls. Try this magnificent method by sending the royal invites to your guests. 

4. Going a little extra

If you want to invite your guests with larger than life invites, take some inspo from these exaggerated and illustrious hampers.

Invites by InviteJoy, Delhi


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