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REVEALED: 3 Famous Movie Weddings We Recreated for 3 Brides Who Won Our #BridesmaidsReloaded Photoshoot Contest!

ShaadiSaga, 09 May 2017

A million memories, over a hundred private jokes and countless fights- The best way to depict friendship with chaddi-buddies. They're the ones with whom we have shared the loudest laughter and the worst hangovers! So, why not include them in your pre-wedding shoot when you're getting hitched? 

Typically, you would see a bride have her pre-wedding shoot with the groom. But hello, what we're loving now is the pre-wedding shoot with your bride tribe! Which is why we gave three brides the chance to have an epic pre-wedding shoot with her BFF's through our Bridesmaid Reloaded contest. The idea was to recreate three famous movie posters that scream everything weddings - Bridesmaids, Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani, and Aisha.

Here's what we got for you:

Bridesmaids, 2011

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, 2013

Aisha, 2010

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Behind The Shoot:

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Abh recreating movie poster toh theek hai, but how on earth would we find the exact same location to recreate the shoot? That's where The Perfect Location came to our rescue! And to do justice to the gorgeous location, we needed a photographer and who better than the famous Morvi Images? The bridal gang was glammed up by our favourite Shruti Sharma & her fantastic team and styled by the gorgeous Shilani Sadh. The stunning jewellery was courtesy Zariin and beautiful outfits Flyrobe!

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