Real Wedding: Delhi Couple 'Ashima & Manoj' Sizzling Love Story Got Official In Holy Matrimony

Neha Garg, 16 Apr 2015

Ashima and Manoj’s real wedding is sure to put a warm smile on your face. We loved every frame in which the photos are captured by Banjara Studios; the wedding is so refreshing that you can feel the sun on your skin and the sand beneath your feet.


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Wedding Date: 29th January, 2015

The Proposal: Ashima recalls, It wasn’t as fancy as other girls’ experience, where the boy proposes a girl. In our case, I proposed to Manoj, yes, it sounds a little crazy. One day we went for lunch, and on our way I popped up the question to get married. Before he could say anything, I told him, if his answer is ‘No’ he can drop me back home, otherwise he can continue to drive. Manoj stopped his car, and for a minute I skipped my heartbeat, he looked at me and said, ‘now we will have lunch in Jaipur because I don't want to stop driving, at least for next few hours’. That was the moment I was smiling with tears, and my body was shivering.


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Ashish (The Photographer) on our couple Ashima & Manoj: They are very friendly and fun-loving couple, during the entire shoot, not even once I felt that I am with clients. We have become more of friends now. I have also been to Agra with them for the pre-wedding shoot, it was one amazing road trip that we had. And, about the pictures, they have come out really beautiful and lively. I wish them a blissful & love-filled life ahead.


The Love Story: Well, our love story was never like a typical book story that we read, a handsome Prince charming, a white horse, and a girl waiting for the Prince to come. Rather, it was like referring him as Manoj Sir.

The base of our relationship started when I joined his organization as a determined fresher and there he was loud on calls, very dominant.  Fortunately, I was assigned the task under one of his colleagues, who was also a good friend of Manoj.. And from there the story began, from discussions about work to talks about different brands like  Cartier. And one day Cartier acted as a catalyst in our daily interactions. So from bagal ka Chaiwala to a long drive on bullet to Manesar and then the trips were never ending. Trust you me, they are still on – says the happy Ashima.




Makeup artist, Ambika Pillai: I booked Ambika Pillai as I am a hopeless case when it comes to makeup, It just doesn't suit me. So I had to be double sure. I had second thoughts while getting ready, but people complimented me and that gave me more confidence. I was really satisfied with my makeup and hairdo. They are true professionals and helped me to overcome with my notions about makeup. View Ambika's Facebook Profile

A few words from Ashima on her adoring husband

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People say, best friends make the most amazing relations, but this is not a case with us. We were never friends. He always treated me like a junior or to be precise, a kid. He pampers and patiently listens to all my office stories & gossips even when he is not actually interested in listening, but still he listens to me. He is a mentor, a guide and never fails to assure that whatever happens, he is and will be there for me always. He loves to eat, and want to try different cuisines, traveling around the world with me (I am really excited for the new & fun things coming my way). I feel lucky to spend my whole life with the person I love the most, he is my ‘wish’ come ‘true’.



Our wedding was unique and special because… Everyone who contributed to our big day was either a family member or a close friend. It felt very personal and special. There was no wedding planner basically at my wedding, my dad took care of everything, he has that eye of detailing and he made sure everything goes perfectly well, from guest’s stay arrangements, to food, to wedding décor. He effortlessly made everything look so good.

The only people I want to Thank is my mom and Dad. I know they never wanted me to go away, but despite of this they have made all the possible efforts to make me and Manoj happy. All the hardships they have gone through I can't repay them, but only thank them, says the beautiful Ashima.

Ashima 3

ashima 1


Photographer: Banjara Studios

Makeup Artist: Ambika Pillai

Wedding & Engagement Dress: Chandni Chowk

Venue: S.K. Eastend (Star City Mall, Delhi)

Shaadisaga loved being a part of Ashima & Manoj's happy go lucky love story, and wishes them a wonderful life ahead!