Real Proposals: "I was on a vacation with my girls in Bali & he bumped in with the question"

Bhavika Vallecha, 20 Jun 2018

Sometimes, you do not need a dozen balloons and a hundred flowers to pop the question of love. A simple wide-smiled-gleaming-eyed "Will you marry me?" works best. The only thing that lingers throughout is the feeling of fluttering butterflies in your stomach and a heart filled with gratitude for the moment.

Aneshya Manwani shared her very special moment with us and we couldn't skip featuring this adorable couple's proposal saga. 

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Aneshya narrated, "It happened while I was on a vacation with my girls in Bali. On our last day there, I knew he was coming to town with his family, so I thought nothing of the proposal when he asked me out for lunch before I left Bali that evening. Fast forward a little and we're at the restaurant - I was starving and could barely wrap my mind around his nerves as his "You know I love you, right?" was met with a half-hearted "I know, but I'm hungry". He then led me up to the roof, to look at the view. Little did I know, the cameras were already in place up there waiting to capture the moment. It was the moment when we would go from him and I, to US.

Sanjay said, "Aneshya, there isn't anyone I'd rather spend my life with. Will you marry me?" And I said, "Yes!"

Location: Furamaxclusive Ocean Beach Resort

Well, this smallest yet adorable proposal story has our heart! Your thoughts?

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