16 Real Brides Share Things they Miss about their Siblings after getting Married!

Medha Chawla, 15 Aug 2019

Let's finally agree, no matter how much you fight and annoy each other, your relationship with your sibling is the purest form of love! One moment you are in a heated fight and the other moment you are sharing a piping hot bowl of Maggi. You don’t even know but you share the barest relationship with your sibling! In fact, no one knows you better than your sibling (not even your parents and spouse). He/She is the one with whom you share your life with the maximum proximity.

You don’t have to pretend or hide anything from your sibling; you are loved (and hated) for being who you really are. When life gives you sour lemons, it is the light-hearted time spent with him/her that shoos away all the blues! I can keep on writing...cuz I have a younger brother who is the real unsung hero of my life! You getting’ the feels, right?

This Rakshabandhan, I couldn’t help but wonder how the sibling-relationship gets affected after the sister gets married and leaves the nest! So, we got in touch with some of our real brides who shared what they miss the most about their sibling after getting married! And trust me, all of them were so quick to reply (I think it is because we sisters hardly ever express and acknowledge our love for siblings :P) Some of the responses are too relatable while some will leave you teary-eyed! Here we go...

*Warning: You might want to hug your sibling after reading this blog*

When you miss watching lame TV shows with your sibling!

Real bride Pratishtha says, "I miss watching stupid things like Bigg Boss or IPL on TV together and having different favourites. We are two sisters, we would really bond over comedy movies like Andaz Apna Apna Hai and different reality TV shows.

My husband is an absolute opposite who doesn't watch comedy and reality shows at all. So I miss having my TV buddy, with whom I would fight, laugh, talk and just enjoy spending time together."

The best kinda fights with your brother!

Newly-wed Tanya says, "I miss everything sooo much! Those silly fights. Fighting for the remote, chocolates, fries... everything. We used to sit in the living area and play songs on our Bluetooth speaker and gossip after returning home from our work.

That was our chill time. We also used to fight over who will connect their phone to Bluetooth and play the songs! I miss it all so much!"

This one cracked me up! *Brutally Honest*

Real bride Meenal says, “My brothers have always been my lifelines, but more so, they've been my:

1. Valet people
2. Hookah makers
3. Butlers
4. Ones to get my car refuelled (I honestly had been to a petrol pump just twice till before my wedding :D)
5. Mobile screen guard change persons 
6. Unofficial employees who did my bank work too! 

Now you know how badly I miss them! But honestly, there's not a thing that I wouldn't do for them, a bullet I wouldn't take for them and promise to always spoil them! I love them to bits!”

Miss my Shopping Partner & her Random Fights

Real Bride Shradha reveals, "I always had Indian wear in my wardrobe, whereas, my sister had none. So with every festival, she used to fight for new Indian wear and I was always sorted. With Rakhi around, I miss listening to her rants of not having anything to wear.

Also, I dread shopping alone, she's my ultimate shopping partner. Ever since I've got married I haven't been able to shop. I always end up coming back home to her and taking her to shop. The other thing that nobody can replace is our fights. We used to fight on the silliest and the most random things."

And this one had me teary-eyed! *younger sibling is always like a child*

Real bride Vaibhavi says, "Yuv (Yuvraj) my sibling, (10 years younger to me)  was eager about me leaving the house so that he can occupy my cosy room. But after I left, he couldn’t feel the same, and called me saying “What's yours will always remain yours.” 

I really miss the late-night movie shows and the home alone scenes with him. Being 10 years younger to me, I always had that motherly feeling for him. I get him all what my parents deny to give him. We always wink each other for the things we plan where parents aren’t being informed about. 

I left the house in his teen-age when I know he needs me the most. I still try and take out time for listening out to him, his needs, and act on it immediately. No matter what, my first child is my brother."

Source Vaibhavi
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"My sisters protected me like a brother"

Real bride Harleen said, "The things I miss the most about my siblings is them just simply being there in every happy and sad moment. My sisters have been my pillar of strength, my partner in crime and people I look up to. Someone who protected me like a brother. Miss both of them being there with me this Rakhi."

Siblings are your forever friends!

Real Bride Parul says, "My sister is my forever friend, my pride and my ultimate support. My childhood wouldn’t be epic without her. I got married and moved to a different continent having great experiences every day but I miss my sister every single day. 

Shopping doesn’t feel the same without her although the first thing I do is send her pictures of everything I bought. Dress rehearsal for an occasion doesn’t feel the same but we manage it through FaceTime. 

I miss fighting with her on petty issues and giving her life advice but thanks to all the international calling plans available we manage it on long-distance phone calls. Side by side or miles apart, Sisters always stay close to heart. Growing up with you was a blessing."

"This year Rakhi would be so different"

Bride Ishleen says, "Rakhi! A festival which brings back so many memories! For a girl who grew up without a real brother, rakhi holds so much more meaning to me than just tying a thread!

When I was 4, my baby sister was born and since then I have had a little angel who I needed to protect being the elder one! Since then rakhi has been nothing but about my sister for me. I never really tie a thread on her wrist or anything but I always used to get her gifts that I knew she'd be eyeing but would never buy for herself. But this year, it will be so different!

I got married and moved to a whole new country and this would be my first one without her and I just can't imagine how it is going to be. I literally have tears right now while I think that rakhi is tomorrow and I wouldn't get to see my baby sister or my cousin brothers! Yes, I will see them on FaceTime."

The dreadful feels when you have to go shopping without your sister!

Our bride Sanaya, "My sister is my best friend so I obviously miss the most important person in my life. I miss talking to her for hours; I miss telling her my secrets on the spot; I miss gossiping with her. I loved going to shopping sprees with her and now I hate the fact that I have to go without her. 

She used to spoil me so much. Even if I was looking at something in a store, she would buy me that! She is so selfless that she would always prioritise me first. I miss all the pampering."

Brothers unfailingly cheer you up every.single.time

Bride Tanvi says, "While growing up, he used to be my go-to partner in crime! I just can't forget all of my ridiculously inappropriate decisions were taken with his approval. How we used to pull pranks on our parents; how we used to tease and constantly fight with each other and then saving each other from Papa's scolding is something I miss so so much!!

How we used to share each and everything, be it as serious as unit tests or as interesting as having girlfriend/boyfriend are some memories I'll always cherish. Also, he used to understand immediately when I used to feel low and he had been successful every single time to cheer me up at the toughest of times!

It was my bidaai time that made me realise how anchorless and rootless I am without him. It is only such moments that make us realise the extent of our love...love that is so taken for granted and rarely acknowledged.

A few things change after marriage but not the sibling love!

Our bride Medha Tyagi says, "When people get married, life inevitably gets shuffled. New responsibilities and new things enter in life. My brother thinks that I have changed as a person and am I no more the ‘old Medha’.  But I want him to understand that life changes all the time - we grow up from being teenagers together, pissing each other all the time to young adults who are glad to have each other (ideally).

Then we grow up even more and are bundled with more responsibilities. But all of it does not change what we siblings feel for each other. On this Rakhi, I wanna say to my brother that “Listen here muddfugga, You and I are going for (select one of following)  dinner, bowling, bar hopping, hog ice cream every week! Okay? I love you so much and I’m not gonna leave you ever!"

Source Medha Tyagi

TBH, Kaju Katli and Chocolates are the best things about Rakhi!

Bride Sanchita says, "I have a younger sister but since the last few years, we realized that this festival is for us as well. Every year my sister ties me a rakhi and this is our first Rakhi after my wedding. I have moved to Canada post the wedding and I would like to confess that I will miss her presence and Kaju Katli. Also not to forget, those cute dairy milk chocolates gifts make my Rakshabandan delicious every year. I will miss the Dairymilk chocolates and Kaju Katlis for sure."

And I thought only my brother teases me with deliberate burps!

Our bride Gayatri says, "I miss everything about my siblings. I have a sister and 3 cousins. We all are super close. I miss my sister the most. I miss having meals with her. I miss our long chats at night. I miss our fights over the blanket and pillows and dresses and shoes; I miss bullying her! I miss my brothers too.. their teasing, irritating me with stupid things like burping without reason, scaring me at night. I miss being their elder sister at home."

Things don't change much when you have been living in different cities 

Manini says, "I have an elder sister, and we have always lived in different cities since after school. And nothing has changed for us, as we didn’t technically move away from each other after marriage. We have always continued to keep in touch with each other. We always make sure that we spend time together whenever I’m in Delhi or when she visits Mumbai."

Nandita states, "Nothing much has changed in terms of distance or living in the same house because before my wedding, he was always away either on the ship (he works in the merchant navy) or living in a different city. In fact, our bond has grown even more post-wedding. He is my first go-to person for everything! My day isn't complete without talking to him..I know he's got my back and I have his. Am grateful I have him."

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Dressing up together is the best bonding time for every sister-duo!

Our bride Tanvi Puri says, "There are so many things I miss doing with my sister but dressing up was her was really special, it was a party in itself and also our bonding time."


What do you miss the most about your sibling after getting married? Share it in the comments.