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Real Brides Reveal: Most Surprising & Shocking Things About Being Married

Sanchita Sehgal, 03 Jan 2018

There’s nothing like being married! Marital bliss, the rosy-cosy phase are the things that you will surely hear within 1 year of marriage. But, the most baffling part is, it is sometimes super complicated and overwhelming. And, also it's a big adjustment to make no matter how prepared you feel. How can we forget the societal, family and friends pressure? *sigh*

So, here at Shaadisaga, we got some brides for you who revealed the most shocking and surprising part of their married life which are so relatable (Read at your own risk)

1. Sharing Becomes a Way of Life

Nancy says, “Before marriage people don’t tend to know the worth but it’s the loveliest thing according to me. You get to split everything into two right from your Amazon account, TV to food in the fridge. I never had any siblings so I was unaware of that lovey sharing something that I never thought about earlier and now I adore that soo much!

2. No 'ME' Time 

Kirti says, "For me, the most irritating part was no time for yourself. Before marriage it was completely different and now I know, I have him or my mother-in-law around almost 24 hours a day. The fact that someone is dependent on you for everything kinda scared me. You have to be responsible and go through the unnecessary formality phase. I was not really prepared for it."

3. You Will Always Adjust When It Comes To Love

Sanchi says, "I realised that even a stubborn girl like me can adjust when it comes to love. Everyone kept saying that it’s that honeymoon phase of marriage where even the whimsy things are acceptable. But, more than 1-2 years of marital bliss I have learned that some habits that I disliked about my husband have become a part of my routine. I love him despite all his stupid flaws.

4. The Boyfriend To Husband Transition Is Baffling

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Deepika says, “I always thought that marriage would be like dating, since we dated for like 10 years, before marriage. But what surprised me was, that my husband behaved with me more maturely. Like, he even listened to me attentively and considered taking my opinions. It came as a shock to me but, at the same time, I was so satisfied that we have taken our relationship to next level.

5. My Husband Loves That I Have A Life Without Him

Chaity says, "I was always under the impression that after marriage there is no ME time but, thankfully I had less time juggling. For me, the best part of marriage was still living like a free bird that I was before marriage. No job or issues of coming house late and still having those bachelor trips with my girls. My husband loves the fact that I have a life without him. What a relief!

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